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I can’t control myself

Internet pornography


Assalamualeikum, dear Brothers and sisters

I a have a very serious problem: sometimes I watch porn, astaghfirullah, although I know its haram. I make tawba after every time, but I still do it. The main reason is, I can't really controle myself the moments before and while I'm watching and looking for it. I don't know how to deal with this problem, I'm always making dua that Allah will give me the strength to resist. But it seems I still did not receive his blessing.

Now in Ramadan, I rarely even thought of porn and alhamdulillah until today I was able to control myself. My Imam says everything you don't desire or evil you do in Ramadan, comes only from the shaytan and not so much by our nafs.

Please help me I don't want to commit this big sin anymore!

Jazakumu allahu khairan

Was salam


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  1. Im also a porn watcher Astaghfirullah
    Just have faith on ALLAH he is merciful

  2. Salam dont forget allah is watching you when someone commits this vile act.It is sad lots of men and women are watching porn most being Muslims this is a sign.The messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) said that the greatest threat he feared for the men of this ummah was women. Not the threat of invading armies or weapons of mass destruction. None of these things but Women!! This is where shaytan will get you. It does not matter if you have a long beard or if you are at the mosque everyday for fajr or if you have memorised the Quran. In this one thing, you can not help has many good points and can be used to achieve many great things.Since we live in a secular society, the use of technology by young muslims can only truly be controlled by the parents. Personally, i think a young teenager should not have a computer in his room with an internet connection, He should not have a smart phone either until the parents can evaluate whether he is mature enough.

  3. Make tawba...n ask fr Allah help always remember its bad.

    Fight against it ...stay away frm anything tht brings u closer to it...
    Remember Allahs always watching u we all sin All sin...remember to hate the sin

  4. All one can do is remind oneself that Allah is watching and knows about every single thing. I have the same problem so I can understand. It is very hard to resist. But it is nevertheless a sin. Remind yourself about the Day of Judgment and Jahannum every time you are tempted to watch porn. Also as Muslims, we know we will be punished for our sins in our grave too. For people who truly believe, that is enough to scare the hell out of them. Also, you can turn the AGE GATE "ON" on the internet. Now I know it's not much help coz you can as easily turn it back OFF, but it will remind you of what you are doing and give you a moment to think and redeem yourself. You can also block the porn websites. Now you wrote that you didn't commit this sin in Ramadan. Same is the case with me. As it is mentioned in Quran that the shaiytan are kept from poisoning the minds of people in this holy month and the gates of Hell are closed, so it much easier to resist and keep from sinning. Ultimately, only you can help yourself. Always remind yourself whenever you are tempted that you have to be strong and not give in to the devils. Tell the shaiytan that's trying to tempt you that you have Allah by your side. That will make you stronger and the connection b/w you and the shaiytan weaker! I know it sounds weird but try it. It has helped me alot. But I still get tempted every now and then. But since before this past Ramadan, I have not watched it!:) And I pray to Allah that it stays that way. Distract yourself by doing something else, like watching a nice movie or sitting with your family coz you need to get away from your computer!! Try to stay busy kyun k "Ek khali or farig dimag shaiytan ka ghar hota ha". My advice is be strong and don't give in to shaiytan. I hope it works for you.
    P. S. sorry for the looong answer!

  5. One solution is Contact Prayer, increased faith, consciousness of God!

    Second solution could be getting marry as soon as possible.

    Thirdly health consciousness, watching those can impact badly on reproduction system.

    Read Quran!

  6. The problem is not of the 'eyes.' The problem is inside the heart. Brother when imaan gets weaker, the action that comes out of our bodies becomes weaker itself.

    Imaam Ghazali writes in his book, that the hands and eyes and other parts of the body are like slaves to the heart, they do whatever the heart commands them to do.

    The amount of energy you spend on cutting yourself off from your computer or from loneliness etc or realizing how bad of a sin this is.. if you spend the same amount of energy on pondering over the signs of Allah (swt) and increasing your Yaqeen on Allah and the Aakhirah.. that energy will be much better utilized.

    If imaan and yaqeeen (faith) is not strong enough, then getting married alone will NOT solve anything. Trust me.

    The first thing you need to do right away is make taubah. And then learn about who Allah is and his signs in the heavens and the earth that surround us all. And one way of raising your imaan quickly is understanding the temporariness of the world that we live in. Remember that the person who has the love of duniya in his heart can never attain the love of Allah, and the one who has the love of Allah in his heart, will also be safeguarded from the love of Duniya. Please read this post about temporariness of the world:

    Jazakallah Khairann

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