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Why can’t I make any money?

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Shortage of Money

I have very slow income over last 8 eight years. Sometimes, there is no income. Rather there are financial accidents.

Eventually, I have become seriously indebted.

I have serious problem in concentration particularly on things that are very important for me and my life such as worship, study, work, etc.

I have done a lot of amals, sadaqas, and my well wishers are always praying for me. But nothing is giving me response. Now I seriously look for the opportunity to do some worship by which I can get to know what is really going on in my life, such as:

1. Any test of iman from Allah subhan allahu taala
2. Any evil and eventual curse & punishment
3. Any black magic
4. Anything else

Please advise me what worship (e.g., Istikhaara) I can do to get to know and how.


~ Ashraf

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  1. Hello my brother,

    May peace always be upon you, now and forever...

    Ill answer your query quite simply, Allah (OUR) one true God, has put obstacles in our paths, so we may overcome, technically the way I see it, we have to know what we emit, we have to know how strong we actually are. for example, when you pass through a tribulation, then after that usually comes the triumph, the key to it all, is to have FAITH that never waivers, in the good times and the bad times, Us human beings need to show our creator, we love and adore him always... That we will not give up, nor let a tribulation stand between us and our creator, There are numerous insights in to why we must not wish for money.. BUT DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, Allah loves pious and hard-working people. MAYBE ALLAH WANTS YOU TO HAVE A CAREER CHANGE, OR BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR, or try something different..


    Do not pass any intuition of your own onto what you (THINK) might be occurring, as we no NOT, and Allah surely KNOWS!...

    I hope my information has helped you even a little bit, You never clarified what your occupation is??

    Either way. I wish nothing but the absolute best for you and your family..
    and Insha Allah , Allah will bless you.



    • Assalaamu Alaikum,

      Thank you sister Fatima for your profound advice. This issue is something I struggle with as well. But you are totally correct when you say that we all need to remember, remember why we're here, where our consciousness came from, what our purpose is, who our God is. Is this all for naught. Is what matters here and now or is there something more important waiting? You and I were created for a reason-a reason not as trivial as to earn money, or to marry a beautiful wife/husband, to acquire position or any other thing. Our purpose was always higher and more. it was always to know something. To know something higher and come to know something more profound. To know our Lord God, Allah. Whatever you call the Creator, it is why we exist, why we can open our eyes and see, wake up and hear, feel, move think. Let us reconnect to reality, to the Real. We all need to get our priorities straight and everything else will inshAllah take care of itself.

      • Hello to you all, and Assalaamu Alaikum,

        This message is for Brother Ahmed, Thank you so much for your kind and considerate response, I appreciate your intellect.. I just wish that your mind keeps pursuing knowledge.




        Until next time brothers and sisters.

        Lets show Allah what were capable of! 🙂 , That's kind of funny, considering he knows all to well!, He blessed us with free will, so lets do something with it.

        Lots of love... 🙂

  2. Brother Ashraf,
    I do not know which country in which you reside, but with current economic times in much of the world, income is slow to grow. "Financial accidents" are also a part of life. Sometimes, just as one has a decent amount of money put in the bank the car breaks down, or the hot water heater needs replacement, or a tax bill is due etc.

    When my husband and I were first married and had our first child, we had very little money though we both worked very hard, yet we were happy with the simplicity of our life then. We had the basic things: a car, an apartment, food and jobs, but we always wanted for more. And that desire for more, more, more would eventually ruin our marriage. 17 years later we made much more money, we had all the "things" we thought we needed, and we also had more bills, more arguments, and less happiness. We became buried under our excess and our "things" became like an idol to us, and life became very unhappy for us both.

    Now I am divorced, living in much more modest surroundings as I walked away from our marriage and left everything, less my clothes and my childhood furniture behind (of the children we share custody). I have my job, live a modest cash only existence, help others in need when I can, AND am so much happier since the burden of money and things have been lifted from me. Yet many of my friends tell me they are "sorry" I am living as I am. I just smile and assure them I am not sorry. I am finally HAPPY!

    My point is: making money is important as far as meeting our basic needs, after that, money can become a curse (so to speak) when it, rather than Allah is the focus. If you make enough to meet your basic needs, then you are doing okay. Eventually you will make more money. It just takes time. Just be wise about it.

    • That's true sister Lydia, one should feel sufficed with whatever one has. This makes him or her feel satisfied and does not make him or her want more and more.

      Allah says in Surah Baqarah, Verse 155:

      And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.).

      Allah also says:

      "And whosoever is conscious of Allah, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty). And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Indeed Allah has sent a measure for all things." (Quran: 65/2-3)

      One should compare oneself to those lower in status and be satisfied that he or she has been given more.

      On the authority of Abu Abbas Sahl Bin Sa'ad Al-Sa'idi (May Allah be Pleased with him) who said:

      'A man came to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and requested him: "Messenger of God (Peace be upon him), tell me something by which I could win the love of The Almighty and the people." The Prophet told him, "Do not love the world, and The Almighty will love you; and do not have a longing for that which people have, and they will love you."' (Ibn- Majah)

      Muhammad Waseem Editor

    • Sister Lydia,
      Allah- gave you strong confident, & strong creativity, for that'reason you have using & focusing your creativity, spiritually, who are visible -Invisible," Human"- ""JIN" - ANGEL or Something, Allah has given them some administration power, who are prevent or clear our paths.
      Wish you good luck everyone & make a Peace.

  3. Can someone tell me how to post on here please i have written my post and it says its pending?

    • Dear nicole123,

      If your post says pending, then it must be waiting to be published. I don't know when you wrote your post. At this point, due to a large number of posts, it may take some time for the post to be published.

      Muhammad Waseem Editor

  4. As-salamu alaykum dear brother Ashraf. Fatima Abdul-Malik gave you an excellent answer. Stop making excuses for yourself, like, "I have serious problem in concentration particularly on things that are very important for me and my life such as worship, study, work, etc." You say you suffered "financial accidents"...

    A person might suffer one financial setback, or two, or three. But if you are having repeated financial setbacks and going deeply into debt, then you are doing something wrong. You are making bad investments, or poor financial choices, or mismanaging your money.

    Work hard. Take classes in personal finance, money management, etc. Work hard. Save your money. Invest wisely. Work hard. Don't make excuses. Instead, make things happen.

    Of course nothing happens without Allah's permission, so make steady dua'. Money is not the sole focus of life, but it is necessary to support oneself and support a family, so it is important.

    May Allah make it easy for you.

    Wael Editor

  5. Salaams,

    Even though I believe Attention Deficit Disorder is widely over-diagnosed, particularly with children, I would have to consider it as a factor with an adult who complains of problems with concentration and/or focus that show up in multiple areas of their life.

    Since you are saying you have concentration problems not only with work or making money, but also with worship and study and other areas, I would suggest you see a psychologist or psychiatrist to be evaluated for this. If you have been experiencing this struggle for most of your life, there may be a chemical imbalance that is causing you difficulty, which would make it hard for you not only to do the "hard work" that Wael suggested, but to keep the momentum going to maintain any business success. In most instances, if someone is correctly diagnosed and treated with the proper medications, a significant improvement will result.

    -Amy Editor

  6. Me too my life is very difficult too much, I can’t even make 1dollars per month only Allah can change everything

    • You have lost your confident. You need a Neurologist Doctor.
      Run, long time, just few days or every day.
      Or practice Boxing.
      Hopefully, you must get return your confident.

  7. Money means nothing to Allah . Rich or poor what good will it do
    Just try to do the best you can with what you have that’s all you can do
    Try to have Allah

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