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The caste system is not from Islam. It is prevalent in the Indian Subcontinent because of Hinduism.

Salaam everyone

I do not know how to start this but I really need some advice both Islamic and general. I am a student btw and I have had a past and not a very good one too.

I have met a guy now who is a good muslim and he is just amazing. We do not want to get into a relationship as it is haram but we want to have a halal future.

I cannot talk to my mum about this as she will not agree as he is not our caste and she thinks I would be too young and because of my past I doubt she would think I am serious but I am serious and I know. My mum has forbidden me from my phone at night as she has caught us talking and I just cannot help it.

I am willing to take all the risks but my uncle is well respected and he would be put down if I get engaged to an outer caste boy. I really love him though and I don't care about caste. I have tried to tell my mum that caste is forbidden in islam but no one understands. Help???!!!!!



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  1. yes you would be suprise how far away from islam we are.Basically backwards.People have mixed culture with religion.Hmmm well you stay strong and live with a test and a challenge.What is the challenge being patient and quite.Only say things that are good if someone asked your opion say it with wisdom.Wisdom patience comes with knowledge so study and build your foundation.For it will take you a long ways...This relation is dangerous because its a test again .If Allah doesnt want it to happen then we should happily except it.The doesnt mean we dont give up in are dua to show us a sign.Ask your uncle or somebody that respects you for advice or a helper.Tell him i am interested in this guy .Other then this move on maybe Allah knows something that you do not know and he wants you safe. Dont worry for marriage so soon .I truely believe that a women should build her faith and practise it get a career so you can be independant and live a life helping everyone.Remeber one who helps Allahs deen Allah helps you!!!

  2. I strongly tell you go with your heart if your ready for marriage go for it stand your ground. Parents are not always right or have best interest in their children, cos when you get older no one wants you then. So if you getting rista now go for it. It is harder when getting older in thirties peopld dont look at caste then its desperation with parents faults not facing real reality. Tell your parents and always be honest InshAllah it will be ok caste doesn't exist in islam.

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