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If a person regrets a “bad dua” they made for someone, is the dua still valid?(4)

October 4, 2022

Is the dua answered, even if the person who made it regrets it?

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My mother continues to berate me after my marriage fell through

My mother continues to make my life difficult and I’m approaching my limit with her. I’ve tried to respect her and her position but to no avail.

Jinn possession has caused my wife to commit adultery.

Should I divorce my wife? She was unresponsive to Ruqyah and I don’t know what other options I have at this point.

I’m 40 years old but my mother won’t let go!

Most of the time, I calm my heart saying that this is a test Allah has given me, but my mother interferes in my professional decisions, married life/dealing with wife, our kids’ upbringing, etc.

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