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My boyfriend lied to me but I am happy that I converted to Islam(3)

March 5, 2009

Assala malaykum rahamatulla wa barakatuho Two. years back i meet an Egyptian man, whom i got a relationship. I was not a Muslim at that time. I adore him soo much, and i find the whole. world with him. Before we got into this relationship i asked him if there was no problem with his family getting […]

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Am I justified to divorce my husband because of my unhappiness?

My husand and I have been married for many years and have children..  Since the beginning, he has always shut down and stopped talking for days if I said anything he didn’t like..  Now, years later, he shuts down for weeks and I have stopped going and asking “what is wrong, what did I do?”..  […]

Any surahs I can recite to make a man marry me?

i want to make space in a man’s heart for me whom i have known for 6 months. however he is not a muslim nor marriage material. i would like him to revert to islam but it isn’t to do that. he isn’t looking for marriage but i would like him to marry me. Any […]

Contemplating divorce

I have been married for the last 15 years. Recently we had an argument over a small matter. Despite that, the crux is as the husband I do not feel being regarded as one. She tried to apologise but her apology was shrouded with excuses and did not sound sincere. I have been keeping away […]

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