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I converted to Islam secretly, should I remain unmarried all my life?(2)

August 15, 2019

I was a Hindu but converted to Islam. My parents do not know. I cannot marry a Hindu, but if I marry a Muslim my parents will discover my conversion and disown me.

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Parents will not let me marry an Ahmadi, any wazifa to change their minds?

I told them that the Ahmadi girl i love is willing to change but my parents are just not agreeing because they say people will look down on us.

I have a baby with a Muslim man and he won’t tell his family

I am a Christian woman and I have been dating a Muslim man for 5 years. We had a baby 6 months ago and he said he wants to wait until the baby is a year old until he tells his family.

Give charity to marry a non-Muslim?

My brother wants to marry a non-Muslim. If my parents give charity in his name will that help?

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