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Is that nikah valid?(13)

April 13, 2015

Her father came and took her back to her country saying that her nikah is not valid because of a Shafii’i girl can’t get married without the presence of her father.

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She changed my life and madhab… Now she’s left and I want her back

How should I tackle my family when they mock me that I have changed my way of praying because of the girl? And what should I do about my girlfriend? I can’t forget her.

Want to get married but have family responsibilities

I fell in love with a guy it was a pure feeling from the beginning. He supported me through all my ups and downs. We wanted to marry each other from the beginning. It was a long distance relationship mainly because he studied away from home..we called each other and hardly met… Now as he has finished his studies and wants to marry me as soon as possible… I can’t be so mean to ignore the needs of my siblings and desert them by marrying…and also I cant wait myself for such along time without marrying..

Questions about the books of al Ghazali and about the recitation of the Quran.

I have questions regarding the the book of Al-Ghazali. i have read “the inner dimension of islamic worship” translated by Muhtar Holland n i loved it. then i get to know its part of the ihya ulum uddin book which a famous book of Al-Ghazali.

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