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Would “jingle-shoes” go against proper hijab for a young woman?(6)

August 28, 2022

The Japanese art-form of being Maiko requires jingle-shoes. Will these attract the attention of men and therefore be haram?

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All Ages Concert: 👍 or 👎

Is it haram for me to go to a concert for all ages? My mother and brother agreed.

Where do I fit in this world?

My relationship with my parents isn’t so good. I spend most of the time ignoring them or bickering. I am clearly the least favorite child, but I don’t mind.

Young man, unable to stop myself from sins

First, missing Salah at times, then reducing daily 5 times to only 4 or 3 even 2. Then I used to listen music again (very less that too at times), and this also changed into a daily routine of music, then finally I began missing namaz daily, then came porn and masturbution. Now I am unable to have control over these wrong deeds.

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