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Engaged to one man, But love another(3)

April 17, 2019

  I loved somebody so so so much. But I got engaged to a person who love me so much but I have no feelings for him. My love doesn’t even know that I love him. I am so heartbroken. I want to discuss it with my teacher(we have an emotional contact). But I hesitate […]

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I’ve committed something haraam

  Astagfirullah for my actions. I have recently sent explicit images/videos to someone who I was talking to, I really regret this action with the most sincerity. I have started to read astagfirullah for my actions. But will I be forgiven for this, also how much astagfirullah should you think that I do? I feel […]

I’m a revert but Muslim fiance abandoned me

Ashique changed day by day. his anger arrogance everything became extreme. i feel like am left alone in dunya. i have no support and don’t know any Muslim people in dunya. my parents are extremely against this religion.

Forgiveness for my sin

  Asalaamu alaikum I was in a realtionship with a muslim guy for 2 years. He is very caring and loved me so much. At the beginning i really stuck to my religion and i said to him that meeting is haram but he compelled me to hang out with him going to theaters and […]

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