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I changed my name after marriage, was that wrong?

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After I did tawba and started to study about Islam and getting more information few hours ago I posted about "plucking eyebrows" and now just I was reading and found that changing your father's name after married is haram? Because in judgement day you will be called with your father's name not your husband.

Anyways now my question is that now I did changed my name after married and I am married for 2 years and I also read that if anyone changed we should change it to father's name and make it correct but my situation is not so easy so that I can change.

My main problem is I applied of my immigration and it's not so simple to change it need to fix lots of problems.

What should I do?


- Nadia

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  1. Sister Nadia, we addressed this question recently. Please see it here:

    Wael Editor

  2. Salamu'alaiki sister,

    It maybe difficult, but not impossible. You should change your name back to your father's.
    When Allah's Messenger Sallallahu 'Alaihi wasallam married his wives, say 'Aaishah Radiyallahu Anha, she was not called 'Aaishah Muhammad, but was still called 'Aaishah bint Abu Bakr, after the name of her father. So, do what you can to change your name back. But if you try and it does not happen, then Allah is The Oft Forgiving and The Most Merciful. Also read the question from the link provided by brother Wael above.

    Muhammad Waseem

  3. it would be nice if the mods can post that question in which i had posted a different opinion regarding this matter

  4. i'm going to get married soon. i don't wanna drop my fathers name but according to Pakistan's NADRA CNIC policy i have to get my ID card renew with my husband's name. my name is Anum Iqbal and my fathers name is IQBAL and husband name will be Mujtaba.
    can i modify name into "Anum Iqbal Mujtaba" or "Anum Mujtaba iqbal"??
    so that it will be consider right from islamic point of view as well as it fulfils national policy's requirement....

    • This is a very strange national policy for a supposedly Islamic nation. It is not our tradition in Islam for the wife to take the husband's name. Anyway, if it can't be avoided, then I think your idea of a hyphenated name (Mujtaba-Iqbal) would work.

      Wael Editor

      • ThankYou So much for dealing with my problem... 🙂
        and yes! i totally agree with you that it should not be in the islamic nations policy. However people are uneducated and don't know the fact that its not recommended in islam. No one wants to question their fathers and forefather's absurd customs...

        • But in NADRA policy it's not compulsory to change your sur name after marriage . My sisters are married both of them keeps father name as surname. No issue from NADRA. First confirm about their policies then point out them

        • actually now Nadra makes it compulsory on fathers name ...
          if you insist too much may be then they will change otherwise

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