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Changing the name of my son; Is this permissible as per Shariah?

Book of Muslim names

Book of Muslim names

Assalam O Alaikum,

My name is Mohammad Riazur Rahman. My son is 3 years old, his name is Aymaan Masroor Nehan. We have given Aqiaqh after his birth. Now, I have an intention to change his name slightly, that is  from "Aymaan Masroor Nehan"  to "Aymaan Masroor Rahman" and "Nehan" will be used as his nick name.

There are two things in this intention; firstly "Rahman" is the name of Allah so it will be part of his name, secondly my son's last name will be same as mine.

The 3 parts of his name will remain as per Aqiqah. Only changes are "Rahman" will be added and "Nehan" will be used as Nick name.

Is this permissible as per Shariah?

Riazur Rahman.



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  1. Salaams,

    I could be wrong, but since you are the father I thought your children's last names were supposed to be the same as yours anyway. How did he wind up with a different last name from yours at birth? The only exception I am aware of for that is if a child is born from zina, then they must take the mother's last name (not 100% on that, but it's what I've heard).

    I would imagine that if your son was born of a halal marriage, he should've had your last name all the change would be correcting something that was initially incorrect. However, if your child was not born under halal auspices, and Nehan is his mother's surname, then I think that's the way it should remain.

    And anyone, correct me if I'm wrong about that.

    -Amy Editor

  2. In Islam, children take the names of their fathers. In the Islamic naming system therefore, the child's first name is the given name which you choose; the second name is the father's first name; and the last name is either the grandfather's name or the family name.

    So your son's name should be Aymaan Mohammad Rahman.

    Or, if you consider "Riazur Rahman" to be one name (since Riazur means "garden of", the two names together would mean "garden of the Most Merciful"), then your son's name could be Aymaan Mohammad Riazur Rahman.

    It's not clear to me why you gave your son the last name of Nehan. If "Nehan" is your grandfather's given name, then that's also acceptable as a last name. However, if "Nehan" is not your grandfather's name or the family name, then it should not be your son's last name and must be changed.

    Wael Editor

  3. i think its better 2 change his name 2 Abdur Rahman (ie, servant of the most merciful).

  4. There are many cultures from different countries, which are muslim countries, where it is not the custom for the child to take on the last name of the father. It could be completely different. His question is can he change the name or add a name to the existing name. If someone knows the answer to that please post.

  5. hello,
    my name is kashmira farheen and i want to change my name can i change my name after akikah???
    i want to replace only from kashmira farheen to simrah can i change???plz reply???

  6. 196742: If a person changes his name, does he have to offer another ‘aqeeqah on his own behalf?

    If I change my name, do I have to offer another ‘aqeeqah giving my new name, so that the name that is recorded with Allah will be changed, or does the name that is recorded with Allah not change?
    Published Date: 2014-11-10
    Praise be to Allah.

    The one who changes his name does not have to offer ‘aqeeqah again on his own behalf.

    It says in Majmoo‘ Fataawa Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (10850): Changing one’s name to something that is permissible is better if the name has an inappropriate meaning, as the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) changed some names to permissible meanings. That does not require repeating the ‘aqeeqah, as some of the common folk think. End quote.

    For more information, please see also the answer to question no. 43021 and 14626

    And Allah knows best.

    *Copied from another forum. Hope it answers the query.

    • Assalam valaikum,
      My name is Vasim Akram, I got blessed with baby boy 4 months back named him as Mohammed Ali Akram, someone advise not to have Ali's name as Hazrat Ali R.A. has struggled a lot in his life, (subhanallah), so now I feel I should change his name to Mohammed Rayhaan. Is it ok to change name now, plz suggest and advice.

      • Vasim, that person advised you badly. All the sahabah struggled, but they are our heroes and role models. It is highly recommended to name our children after them, including after Ali R.A.

        With that said, many Muslims do not understand the naming custom in Islam. Our Islamic custom is that the child's first name should be the given name, second name the father's name and third name the grandfather's name or family name. So your child could be Mohammed Vasim Akram for example, or Ali Vasim Akram, or Rayhaan Vasim Akram.

        Wael Editor

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