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Cheating husband and unsupportive in-laws

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Dear sisters & brothers!

I need your advice.

i have been married for 12 yrs and have two kids. My husband cheated on me 4 yrs ago, after loads of talking and counselling we stayed together to try again. Now, he's doing it again. I can't stay this time but I feel guilty for leaving to because of the kids. I've told his family but they side with him. They ignore me and don't reply to my messages . They've ignored me for 2 yrs now. I call and try to make things normal but they just don't do their part.

Iam so hurt by how they treat me and how my husband is treating me. I can't do it anymore.

please advice me on what to do.

May God bless you all



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  1. Well the question is .how is your Iman.....the prophet Muhammad would ask the companions. ..This question is a very intelligent question because without this your life has no value no guidance no blessings no happiness no direction in life.100% failure in both worlds.Then ask yourself what you want ....It is easy to divorce him and move on but you must no that true success lies in Obeying Allah's commandments and teachings of prophet Muhammad PBUH. ..This is the formula..This fact
    ...Nothing complicated...People make things complicated..My advice first fix yourself and understand the very purpose of life...Pray Salah which is a command it is nor a quran daily and keep to living a clean honest halal life.!!!!It is said an idle man's brain is a devils workshop..


    • You can't blame what her husband is doing is because her lack of iman. You don't even know if she's religious or not.. Have some sympathy for what she's going through please instead of questioning her iman

  2. I'm so sorry for what you're going through but pls put your happiness before anything. This is not okay and this isn't how a marriage is suppose to be especially in Islam. I know you don't wanna leave for your kids sake, but pls, it's not worth it. My dad was the same and my mom stayed with him but I seen how much it hurt her. My dads family was the same, so unsupportive and would often come knocking on our door when my mom would kick him out. At the end of the day, his behaviour isn't okay and you shouldn't put up with it again. Best of luck

  3. Assallmu alaikum sister. was such astonishing wen I read Ur post ...i thought some 1 I know has written about me's almost exactly same story of mine ..except that my husbnd wishes we stay like estranged couples n Iam leaving with my kids in neighbouring country,n let kids communicate with him inspite of everything coz he is their father ..but coz of his harsh rude language with me ...i don't have any communication with him..n now although it's very heart-ache n tormenting ...its better than staying together ..but my worry now is ..till when do i stay like this pretending in the community that iam married as already friends look suspicious at me coz am away nearly a year now n not yet divorced ..although I know he hates me as much as I do him...he always readily told me .."go werever you wish n marry whoever you wish ...I shall be free from you " but I still stayed loyal to him ...plz if you get some good advices or couselling or guidelines ...kindly share with me too...

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