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Child custody after khulah?

Broken marrige, marrige falling apart due to lack of communication, intimacy etc


I want khula but my husband does not accept.

I want to know: Who will get the child after khula, wife or husband?


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  1. If you're in a western country. Most likely you. And take him to Islamic court for divorce. Or get a man from your family to speak to him

  2. Dear sister the uk Government are placing the children with the most unislamic parent of the two, my advise after first hand experience of uk Government oppression. Is if you are a practicing muslim Ma Sha Allah. Take your children and leave the uk to a muslim country. The uk are criminalizing the practicing parents. In islamic law the most pious of the two parents gain the custody.

  3. Sobiyass,

    My mother and father got divorced when I was 2. I live in America and my father got full custody. My mother went back to her country. Just to give you an idea. There are as many possibilities of the outcome as there are families.

    Best Inshallah,


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