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Married, but having a child from another man

                           I am marriage has nearly come to divorce...2 yrs back i met this man

And now am having a son from to make my son to make our relationship valid after my divorce..

please help me out

~ sanaafaisal

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  1. Salaams,

    Any child born out of wedlock is an "illegitimate" child. If the man you are currently married to is not the child's father, then it's clear the baby is a result of your adultery- which I hope you've repented for.

    I'm not sure what the reasons are for your marriage failing, but if it does end in divorce and you re-marry the baby's father that won't change the fact that it was conceived unlawfully. If it's born after you remarry that may save the legitimate status of the child as far as shariah is concerned, but I am not well-versed enough to give more of an answer than that.

    -Amy Editor

  2. Sister, you have committed a serious sin (adultery) and you need to make sincere and earnest tawbah to Allah. End your relationship with that other man right away. If your marriage ends in divorce, and you complete your 'iddah (waiting period), then you can marry that other man (assuming he is Muslim).

    Are you absolutely certain that the child is not your husband's? Have you considered a DNA test to verify this? If it is your husband's child then maybe there is a chance to save your marriage.

    Wael Editor

  3. To Editors I think you should close this post for public to comment I can tell that she will get harsh and judgemental comment from public which will make her low i think only Editors should advice her.

    • Salaams,

      You're right that this post will probably spark a lot of controversy and strong opinions. However, we do monitor and moderate all comments to make sure that no one is speaking to our questioners or other posters in a disrespectful or devaluing way. Generally, we leave our posts open for all to comment on, and close them on a case by case basis as needed.

      -Amy Editor

  4. Salam
    Surely some things should be private? This is between you and your conscience. Allah help all of us

  5. Assalamu alaikum ...
    Dear bros nd sis, i also facing the same situation of sanaafaisal.i'm 23 years male and I hav an illegitimate child with a married girl. I loves her most,i wish to marry her again. But she never wants to marry me. She has already a child frm her husband befor me. I dnt knw what i do next.i'm totaly disappointd wit it. I knw it is a big sin no one lik to do. Please advic me as your own brother. I want to b a real good muslim, now nd entire my life. I wish nd i'm ready to do anythng for a life nd death with eeman. Insha Allah..

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