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Christian Guy wanting to marry a muslim woman

Hello, cheers everyone. I am a christian catholic inlove with a very nice muslim lady. We are so inlove that we did not care about our religion or the future ahead of us. We were full of hopes of being together.

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Recently, a guy tried to take her away from me. When my gf rejected him, he made all this bad stories about my girl and basically destroyed my girls reputation. He caused alot of problems in our relationship and now my gf's parents are ashamed of her and are thinking of getting her married to a guy from their country. At first our plan was to reject every guy that her parents recommend her to marry, but due to the shame that this guy brought to her, she feels obliged of obeying her parents. She tried to forget me and that hurt me alot. She broke up with me but we are together again. I love this woman with all my heart and I promised her that I would convert firstly for the religion and secondly to marry her.

The problem is her family is very religious and attached to their culture. Her dad have always rejected men asking her for marriage. She told me that her dad will instantly reject me knowing I'm from a different race, a different culture, and a different religion. I am a very loyal man and a very honest person. I need help. I don't want to sound corny/cheesy, but I can't live without her.

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  1. bro after reading ur story i felt very happy coz u becomming 2 da true religen i congrate u 4 dat tell u women 2 becom stronger than that it happen 2 me wen my husband n i b4 we get married my family strated 2 wrong thinkz about him but that didnt mak my or him anytging coz we both knw eachother it actully mad uz stronger n if ur becomming muslim i dont think ther is somthing wrong 4 dat n if her dad still refuse dont giv up contact other scholerz 2(sheaks)to help u n i wish u all da best

  2. Good afternoon,

    me too i'm a christian with a little moon into my heart....

    my answer will not have technical details about muslim marriage (simplly because i don;t know them) ..but...i may tell you, as long as you not converted to islam, is out of topic to marry with the lady of your heart...simplly is a basic rule..

    from my own life experience, all i can say is...if you not even tryed, you lost even before to start...i'm trying to say, if you not even talk with her parents, how to make the steps for that marriage?

    i sugest you to study about islam, and after that to convert into a muslim...ask the lady you are loveing her to talk with soembody who's trusting him, a brother or a cusin, and he to helps you to become a real and good practice muslim...don;t use islam only as a stamp on your it ..make it part of your life...

    then, when you prepared, ask for one official conversation with her father...will not be a easy day...not at all..but, you have to do'll present him your feelings for his dauther, your proof of career will be good too (to be honest, parents has this be worry for theyr child's best.....well, i said it as joke, but is real)

    when, or if he'll reject you..ask him polite what is he has to complain about you....the diferent of religion will no longer be a real topic, so, will be passed..the diference of race...hmmmm...this was ment by Allah each in what race to be, so , if your lovelly's father is a correct man, he has to admit, is not into your power to change such detail....and so on, you can pass each complain of him....try to put yourself into his also, when time will come, you'll wish one good husband for your future dauther, and you'll expect from him to come and stay stright into your face and talk with you franckly about his future plans..

    oh..about converting...well....i don't know what are your feelings about this step, but, you should make it as belive, not as duty.........maybe my way to see things will upset others, but, prsonal, i consider God and Allah are same Great Creator Spirit....beeing loyal servent to Him can be done as well as muslim as christian too.....and i'll tell you why do i do belive this (even can be wrong or not)....let's take me.. ..who am i?....a stranger you'll kid will say my good person will tell you my bad person will tell you my non-friends...a hand of help will tell you my patients..."my little one" will tell you the one who loves me...and...ohhhhhhhhhhh...i can be named in so many ways..but stil...i'm only one person...still am i in all situation..the kid, the sister, the friend, the love, the hate..all are me...just people who are waching me are seeing me from diferent me, only a small piece of sand can be seen in so many ways, from so many ungles.....then tell me...The Lord, who's so Great, how to be seen in simplly way?..........we just can talk about one better way to be Lord's servent when we talk about christian and muslims...and each of us belive has right...

    but..comeing back to your situation..all i may say The Creator Spirit ...He'll helps you... with parents of the one you wish her to be your wife....but, talk with them only when you prepared ...

    bless you

    • What happend with youtr story? 🙂 im very interested to know how did you go on with your story with the muslim woman you love. tell me some details of the conversation you had with the father 🙂 would like to hear.... if you canand want ofcourse. blessings and thank you

  3. Salaams,

    Simply put, a Muslim lady cannot marry anything other than a Muslim man. To do so would render the marriage completely invalid, it would be the same for her as living in sin with someone to whom she is not married at all. The children would be considered illegitimate issues of the marriage.

    Regardless of how much you care about this woman, your decision to choose a faith should be strictly because of your personal convictions about the reality of our Creator. Let your focus be on that issue, and resolve the others after you've resolved that one.

  4. Important thing to note: remember that arranged marriages are not part of Islam, but part of a certain society's culture. Her parents would be very wrong to force her into a marriage she did not agree to, and to a man she did not like.

    However, it would also be very wrong for her to marry you out of lust / infatuation.

    Study Islam for what it really is.
    Do you believe in One God - the Most Gracious, Most Merciful, and without any partners? And do you believe in the message of His prophets (including Jesus as loved prophet and not God incarnated)? Will you submit to God with your heart and soul, and ask Him for forgiveness when you make mistakes? That, my friend, is Islam. And if you answer 'yes' to those questions, then you are basically a Muslim.

    Islam is not a 'religion' in today's sense with a load of doctrines and dogmas amd cultural influence. Islam is literally a way of life - it is how God wishes us to live, and so Islam existed before any percieved 'religion' did.

    Being a Muslim is about following Islam - that way of life. Marriage will come into this. So, as the poster above said, focus on truth, on God and on what pleases Him. Things will become easier and clearer after this.

    Be true to yourself and to our Lord.

  5. Im a muslim woman 25 years , from the czech republic, im a result of an interfaith marriage, my father is muslim and my mom is european christian, how successful you was with your story with the muslim lady? i hope every thing went more than ok for you. tell me your news. interested to know. blessings and good luck 🙂

  6. well bro first of all u have 2 accept islam for that so tha u can marry

    n i dnt knw how his father treats a "revert" but if he doesnt agree than bro

    its may be hard but "walk away"

  7. its been more than a year since u last posted this. hope ur with her now.. even if ur not, may Allah guide u, and theres someone out there for u.

  8. Well, it turns out that she just lied. She didnt really like me. But it all turned out well i suppose.

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