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Concealing my sins

burden of sin

I have gotten into some legal trouble a while ago and alhamdulilah with the mercy of Allah swt everything passed as a lesson learned. I have since repented and have been working on my deen because of that problem. I understand that this brought me closer to Allah swt but I am worried my mom will find out. I have hidden it from her but somehow she always gets these dreams or feelings of exact things that I hide from her. She asked me if I ever got in trouble for the same thing I got in trouble for and I denied it, she claimed "the truth will come out". Is there a duaa to help conceal my sin? I do not want her ever knowing. I am afraid because it will hurt her a lot.


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  1. Brother/Sister (As I couldn't identify your gender)


    It is nothing very serious situation. If she finds out, show her the following saying of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w):

    All children of Adam commit sins, and best of them are the ones who repent.

    Similarly, in one of the Hadith e Qudsi or saying of God reported by the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) and not included in the Holy Quran, a sentence from that is:

    "If none of the humans ever committed sins, I would have created new creatures who would sin and then repent. "

    Similarly, one of the attribute of the believers mentioned several times in the Holy Quran is "Tawwaab or the one who repents".

    This isn't to encourage to commit sin but this is for the sincere people like you (mashaAllah) who want to repent sincerely. Anyway, I could understand where you are coming from, so I pray for you that she may not come to know. Ameen.

  2. What was the legal trouble?

    As you may know, Islam and justice trumps bullshit manmade laws, such as excessive penalties and fines, like parking tickets!!

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