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Concept of kasam/swear




I have query.
If any one gives his/her kasam/swear and says you have to do this  thing under his qasam/swear.Is it necessary to fulfill it ?If you dont fulfill it; does it harm that person who gave you kasam./swear?What if you dont want to to do this thing and a person is forcing you to do this work like getting married etc.Please assist me in this regard.


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  1. Salam.this is really childish and pathetic. People with proper Iman don't say these things.They don't use words that they swear on Allah yet they do not follow Islam accordingly.You don't worry the person can only curse himself. For marriage you have every right to choose who you want to marry and spend your life with.No one can make yor final decision.

  2. Allah k ilawa kisi ki qasam khana shirk kyun h mtlb kia h smjh nh ai sahi se?

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