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Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage

Hi. I am separated with my christian husband since 2007. I converted to islam in 2010 and went to work in UAE. currently there is one muslim guy who would like to marry me and i wanted to know if its possible for us to get married or sign a contract that we will get married while the annulment for me is on process. Is it permissable in Islam?


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  1. islam is a very simple way of life.But i do want to say as a convert careful dont get heart broken. people only use people for sexual satisfaction? Also most saudis dont follow a school of thought and follow a very hard Islam.There only 4 major school of thoughs in the world.Everyone is correct,but follow one.I follow Imam Abu Hanifa. Sister if you arent sure google and do some research.You will find the truth and ask various scholors and form a opion.Dont be flattered by beautiful speach. It can be deceiving.There are many converts in the U.K. Nikah can be done anywhere anytime as long as there are witness and a dowry.

  2. contract marriages are not allowed in Islam. marriage is a life long commitment till death

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