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Consistent failure . Is Allah happy to me or not?

Assalaam u alaekum everyone. I'm a 18 yo boy playing sport nationally for my country. I have represented in under 17 and under 18 and now I'm in under 19s, from where I need to perform well to have my name in for a big tournament. But there is a problem constantly happening with me and I m totally depressed with me cuz since last 3 months I m not able to score highly enough and my father who is supporting me all the time shows me sad face expressions and that hits me badly. I always wanted to be my family happy and want to do such things to be ranked in world class players . I don't know what is happening to me . Alhamdulillah I have performed everytime that's why I was top performer in each tournament but since last 3 months I have done nothing. I m praying to my Allah that please do something but I think my lord is not happy with me . It's getting worse and worse and I'm failing in my life now performance is so important for me . But I'm not able to do it now. Everything is getting difficult for me. Everytime I get out my eyes become full of tears and always say ya Allah I'm failed again but I still thank u for letting me play at this level . Is there any Dua or anything which could make my Allah happy and I'll be able to have success in my every goal please help me please .


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  1. Bismillah
    Don’t do it for other, you should play for yourself and practice only makes you perfect. If you have been practicing for 2 hours a day you should do it for 4 and if you have been practicing for 4 do it for 8 thats just how sports work. Prectice makes perfect. You should pray 5 times a day and pray to Allah to give you strength and guidence.

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