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I am a convert and I need support

I am converted to Islam. I was Hindu  and now nobody is there to support me for this.

And I'm unmarried too, I don't know how to find my life partner for marriage.

Please, help me for this please...

- Neha

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  1. Dear Neha, Asalaamualakum,

    Congratulations on accepting Islam! May Allah make this path easy for you, aameen.

    Sister, I am sorry that you feel so lonely. Allah says that we will all be tested, He(swt) also says that after every difficulty, there is ease, so inshaAllah, I believe something will come your way soon. Many new Muslims have this same feeling soon after reverting to Islam, as sometimes their families and friends refuse to support them. But Alhumdulillah there are many suuport networks around to help you.

    Can you tell me which country you live, so I can try to locate a suitable group for you? If you do not want to tell me which country you live in, I am very sure that if you walk into any good Masjid, you will find plenty of brothers and sisters to help you inshaAllah.

    ~ If you are in the UK, these are just two of the many organisations that are here to help reverts like you who need and want help:

    ~ In Canada:

    Please do let us know here if you live in any other country so we can try to find other organisations for you inshaAllah.

    Best Wishes,

    SisterZ Editor

  2. Asalamu Alaikum Sister, I am also a revert to Islam. I went to my nearest masjid and found that they have a sister's Halaqa group. About 30 women from my county gather on Sundays for 2 1/2 hours and we read from The Quran and the Imam explains the meaning and helps us to understand each ayat of each Surah and how to apply Allah's swt message to our lives. He also talks about Hadiths and the Sunnah. Afterwards we pray Duhr together. Alhumdulillah, I have learned so much from my Imam and my sisters and have made them my primary friends. By the way, there are no Muslims that I know from my neighborhood, so the 10 minute drive to the Masjid is essential in initiating these relationships that I now have. Now my sisters are so kind and would go out of their way to help me. I learned to pray by watching YouTube videos. Just type in Learn to pray in Islam. May Allah bless you with compassionate Mislim Sisters in your area who can help you. Ameen.

    • Dear Sister, Walaykumsalaam,

      JazakhaAllahkhair for your comment here. I am sure that the sister who wrote this post will find it very encouraging inshaAllah!

      May Allah keep your soul light and happy and close to Him(swt) always, aameen!

      SisterZ Editor

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