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Converted to Islam and my boyfriend broke up with me


Salaam Aleikum, I am converted to Islam and my boyfriend who was my witness broke up with me. I don't know how to heal my heart. I pray to Allah to show me the way, to heal me. But I still can feel pain and pain and pain. As we were planning a marriage and future together it's not easy to move on. When he left me he said that if Allah wants we will be together, if no then we will not. Thank you everyone for reading my story.


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  1. Salaam sis,

    Sorry to hear about this. I hope you're feeling better and I pray that Allah SWT puts a smile on your face as soon as possible.

    Sister if it is supposed to be, believe me it will work. There is no way if Allah has written a plan for it not to go that way as Allah is the Most High and Merciful.

    Keep making dua!

    But do remember that this life is temporary and that heaven is permanent. I know it is very painful, I went through something similar 🙁 but the way I got through it is through prayer and seeking knowledge about Islam.

    Be strong and work on yourself, better your character...

    Ws Alia x

  2. Slm sister. Alhamdulillah for converting to the straight path. Be firm and have faith. Since u make the shahada Allah is with you. And in every difficulty there is ease. I know this is a trial moment for you. So try it with duaa . Ask for forgiveness from Allah SWT he will give u what u want at the right time. Bissalam

  3. AsSlamuAlykum WaRahmatulaheeWaBarakatuh .my sister welcome to islam 🙂 .
    I do understand ur condition. Pain u r suffering is really unbearable.
    But believe me Allah has chosen u for Islam HE will never leave u alone.HE has best plan for u. Trust HIM. Things gonna change soon. Its ur test dearie be patient and keep pray!

    • I agree with Sunflower, sister you were chosen to go on the right path, so stay on it. Allah swt guides who he wills and blinds the others that he wills. Alhamdulilah be thankful for such an honor, and work on buiding up your iman.

      I pray inshAllah if this boyfriend is good for you then let him come back in a halal way, but if Allah has determined he is bad then may you forget him quickly.


  4. OP: As we were planning a marriage and future together it's not easy to move on. When he left me he said that if Allah wants we will be together.

    In Islam there is no b/f. g/f relationships. Did you meet your b/f's family? I doubt if he wants to marry you. I don't know why he even said "that if Allah wants we will be togather".

  5. Salaam Sister,

    Please be patient and keep learning more about Islam and keep practicing more and more.

    Compare the few years of trouble in this life with the eternity you'll be able to spend in Paradise (Inshallah). It will be worth all the trouble you are going through. Allah will surely reward you for your patience.

    May Allah give you lots of Patience.

  6. I am sorry that your heart is broken. Maybe the only reason Allah placed him in your life was to introduce you to Islam. (not to be your husband) I suggest that you take this time to learn about your new religion. After you know more about Islam you will be better prepared to select the best person to spend the rest of your life with.

  7. Dear Sis,

    What happened in your life thereafter? Did you continue to follow the faith? Are you still a Muslim.? Did he and you end up together or parted ways.

    Await response


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