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Converting to Islam in Australia.

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I have been reading the koran (english version) and I am thinking of converting but I have so many questions.I am christian and live in Australia so I don´t know of places where I can go and learn more about the religion. Im scared if I go to a mosque I won´t be accepted as I don´t wear a hijab and I can´t talk any arabic yet.

Unfortunately in australia we do have a small group of islam extremist who in my opinion ruin the reputation of muslims and the religion and I´m scared I will accidently go to a mosque where these few people are and it will scare me off the religion.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any places in western australia  or organisations I could go to to learn. Even things like  how to wear a hijab or even were to buy them I would be very grateful for.


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  1. In Australia there resides a great scholar named Shaikh Abu Adnan. He is very active in dawah in Australia and has set up Islamic College of Australia. Unfortunately, I have not found any website of his college. However, you can look out, probably go to your local mosque, and ask people there to see if you can find any information about his college, where he provides courses on Islamic creed and many other topics.

  2. Assalamu alaykum Freckle,

    First of all, you are very fortunate to have tasted the Truth and accepted it by the will of Allah. Welcome to Al Islam and peace be unto you.

    There is no need to worry. Alhamdulillaah, Allah has guided you till the point where you have decided to become a Muslim, Insha Allah, He will also make it easy for you to practice Islam.

    Keep reading the Qur'an, do what is neccessary in it. Do not get in to debates of sects, which are common among people these days. Rather stick to the Qur'an and learn the basic of how to pray salaat etc from a local Masjid and meet people, not everyone represents "extremism".

    This list of some mosques in WA, is available on google search:

    If you feel so that anyone is creating a wrong influence on you, you may withdraw from that place.

    I know you would be feeling strange for a few days to go to a mosque and look different from others. But do not worry, you can look for hijab styles, how to wear them and also order them on internet, it is easy these days.

    For now, if you want to be comfortable in learning and doing the basics at home, you may go to youtube and see videos of prayers of five times: Fajr, Dhur, Asr, Magrib and Isha. They teach it in detail. Thus, you may learn to pray salaat or daily prayers from videos on youtube.

    You can learn the verses of the Qur'an by listening to a good recitor and download surahs from internet, I think Insha Allah this will be fine for you to begin with:

    Get a Qur'an with transliteration, so that if you do not know Arabic, you can read from transliteration, the Arabic words written in English alphabets and you may listen to the recitor side by side and learn verses of the Qur'an. Insha Allah, Allah will make it ease for you.

    Once you do this for a few days, Insha Allah, you will feel like a Muslim and feel yourself to be a part of the crowd and not someone aloof for different. And once you begin going to mosque on Fridays etc when there are more chances of meeting sisters, Insha Allah, you will make new friends and they will be supportive to you and be with you in your learning process.

    Of course any change in life takes time to get adjusted to mentally and physically, but if you keep on regular reading of the Qur'an, Insha Allah you will find ease in moving ahead and reaching greater heights of iimaan and purity of soul, Insha Allah.

    I end with a du'aa for you: May Allah keep you in HIs Mercy and Guidance life long, may Allah bless with blessings that bring good your way and remove evil coming towards you, may Allah's Help always be with you and may He gaurd you from Shaytaan and from the Fire of Hell and make you enter Gardens of Paradise which He has promised by His Messengers (peace be upon them).

    Insha Allah hope this helps you begin your journey.

    Your brother.

  3. salam fre....

    To learn how to wear hijab and other similar stuffs there is a very simple way ....just go to and see the related videos ... many muslims sisters out there to help people like you.....anyways some direct links i am posting here for you...just follow it..

    ...InshaAllah Allah will protect you from all evils... 🙂

  4. Hi Sister,

    Welcome! I don't think any mosque would reject you because you are not wearing the hijab. Perhaps its best that you carry a shawl with you instead if you think you could be uncomfortable being in mosque uncovered. But please don't let such minor details derail you from converting. I urge to seek out your local ummah for more help. I pray that you'll find more welcoming hands while doing so.

  5. Peace be unto u my dear friend!!! 1st i will like 2 use dis oppurtunity to welcome and congratulate u 2 d religion of peace (islam).... U are finding it difficult 2 approach d mosque, but u will b highly amazed with d way they will welcome u with care and love. . . . . . I think we are having different views towards understanding d meaning of d word 'excremism'.. . . . I dont think (and as well i know u would'nt think) that been excremely kind, excremely merciful, excremely just, excremely honest, excremely good, etc is some 2 b discouraged or something 2 criticize. . . . And this is what d religion teaches us, to be excremely good in all what we are doing. . .. . . . . . . . . . But sister, i also want u to know dat islam denounces all bad and inhuman act, islam denounces all form of terrorism, islam denounces all form of fighting (except for self defence), islam teaches us not to go to the excreme in the matter of the religion (because we cannot continue in that way) but we should try to be near to perfection and recieve the glad tiding of your reward . . . . So my sister, i will advice u to visit d mosque that is close to u and get d answers u seek,, and also u can shear ur questions with us here in this site. . . . . . . . . Wassalaam. . . . . Mohd

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