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How do I convince her to accept Islam?

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I reverted to islam five years back. I got married through registered marriage recently to a non-muslim who said she would accept islam after marriage - but did not want her parents to know.

Now, she is slightly hesitant but still says she wants to accept islam. I do not want a haraam relationship. How do I convince her to accept Islam and do a nikah?


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  1. Brother,

    Congrats on the marriage, may you both enjoy many years of happiness. Before I comment here, can you please tell us what faith your wife follows?

  2. As salamu alaykum nooruddin,

    Najah has done a straight question. What I can say is that there is no way to convince her, she has to accept Islam by her own Heart, you can help her to understand Islam, teach her what you know, share with her your experience, but the only way she can become muslim is because she feels it this way.

    She has to be open to that, cannot be pushed. Talk to her openly about her real wishes, it doesn´t sound clear to me, she wants to keep it as a secret, I understand it, but what are you going to do when you have children?

    Give her the time she need to prepare herself, too much energy or pressure may get the opposite effect, that she reacts against it.

    I don´t know about the legal marriage, you should talk to an Iman to ask him .

    All my Unconditional Respect,

    María Editor

    • Just one question to think about it, how did you convert and why? , I don´t want to know, I want you to think, insha´Allah .

      To convert is such an intense, profound and intimate process, it is between Allah(swt) and us, I don´t understand why you want to force her will to do something she is not ready to do.

      She may feel it stronger before and she can have doubts now, respect her process and her time, let her know you are for her, but that you respect her times, and let her live her own process.

      Your reasons for her to convert are for your convenience, not to do haram. Careful about this, we cannot force anyone to do anything. Nobody forced you to marry her not being muslim, that was the fact at the moment you married. Then act responsibly with your own steps and don´t focus on her as the wrong one in the couple, that brings harshness and lack of trust between both of you. You don´t need that you are newly weds.

      Then what I think is: show her your Respect and your Love being and acting as the straight muslim man you are called to be. Pray to Allah and be a living example of straight life for her, insha´Allah.

      Thank you very much for sharing and opening your Heart.

      All my Unconditional Respect,

      María Editor

  3. asalamu alaikum,

    how are you? hope you are in best of health and imaaan. would also like to congrats you for coming to the path of truth. i want to say you should never convince anyone to come to islam for your own sake, cos if they do get convinced then that means they only doing it for you not Allah(swt) which is no real benefit.

    dont get me wrong if she is interested in islam then give her all the info she needs and let her choose if she wants to but dont force her.

    also im a muslim man married to a christian woman, ive got 3 children and im living a blessed life.

    ma salama

  4. sister z walaikum asalaam,

    been really busy, i dont get much chance to come online but i hope to inshallah. good to hear from you hope you are doin well inshallah

    ma salama

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