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How can I convince his brother to accept my marriage?

I have a fiance we have been planning our marriage, we love each other deeply from our heart we are both Muslim and his brother doesn't accept.

How can I convince him to accept our marriage?

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  1. AA;

    Why isn't he accepting it?


    Just a Man

  2. I would suggest you ask your fiance to speak to his brother, he has known him for long and can explain calmly that you will be his wife and that if he can accept you why cant his brother, as for yourself make dua and ask Allah to guide you through the marriage succesfully inshaAllah.

    Hope it works out for you inshaAllah.

  3. You can't convince him necessarily. That is due to your fiancee. Try to get him to find out why his brother doesn't accept and nicely explain to his brother. If he has a concern you fiancee should counteract it and show it's not true. He should put his brothers mind at rest. He should Keep adab even if his bro is rude. The question is what are his parents saying? Are they happy with the marriage. If so, maybe they could speak to your brother to reassure him

    Sara Editor

  4. So the brother you want to convince is your fiance's brother?????????

    sister, a man does not need a wali, or anyone from his side to accept.

    let alone a brother, if the parents of a man are not accepting his choice for a wife for a personal reason, he can still marry.

    you dont need your fiance's brother to accept you sister.
    dont bother trying..

    A l l a a h does not care a bit about what your brother in law thinks of you sister, he just doesnt, your culture might do, but not A l l a a h, because the brother in law has no authority whatsoever.
    he is not even a mahram to you.You shouldnt ever stay in a place with him alone.

    just fullfill the conditions of the nikah and marry inshallaah.

    i'll give you one piece advice which would make your life easier sister, dont give a danm about the petty feelings of people who dont mean anything to you, pretend that they dont even exist.
    wallaahi your life will be so much easier.
    You already have enough people to try to satisfy, your parents, grandparents etc, you dont need to think about your brother in law,

    Your brother in law, is your husband's problem, not yours and he never will be.

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