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How to convince my parents to agree to my marriage with the girl I like?

Fiqh of Love marriage in Islam by YASIR BIRJIS

Aslaamalaykoom my dear brothers and sisters,

I have known this girl for a while now both of us are sunni muslims we both like each other and are wanting to get married. This girl has made me more religious and changed into a better person and it is impossible for me to see my self with someone else in the future.

I was just wondering could anyone give me advice on the perfect way to explain all this to my parents I really do not want to go against them and at the same time I know this girl is perfect for me so to resolve all my problems I need my parents to agree.


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  1. Walikum assalaam,

    You have not provided any reasons as to why you think your parents are going to be against this marriage??
    Without this how can we advice you how to go about in dealing with your parents?
    It is important to know if they have 'valid' reasons for refusal or not.

    Whatever be the reason, one thing I will remind you is to always be respectful to your parents, whether they are right or wrong. And even if they are wrong in something and their reasoning may v well not be islamic, you are still obliged to be respectful towards them and you try to win them over...this may require a lot of struggle and sacrifice and time, but if thats what it takes to please those who come straight after Allah and His rasool, then so be it...

    When parents see that their children respect them and genuinely want to keep them happy and not go against them, then they will melt eventually. But this may take time.

    Was salaam

    • salam...
      i m here not answer ur question but just to ask ou i too suffring form this situation my problem is that that the guy who propsed me is truly in love and we really want to get married as soon as possible he is all settle and studing too...

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  2. salam, i got married like this too, his parents were against it. He came to my dad and asked for permission. My dad is quite religious and he said try again if not then get two witnesses and we will get you married. It was hard for my dad. We got nikkahed without his parents then when we got ruksat, they came. A few weeks after marriage, they loved me. I say try to talk to your parents and say you are marrying a muslim girl, she is from a good family, ask if they will meet her, and how her parents feel(if they konw) and of course , is there something you are not telling us, why are they against it? My husband the case was parents wanted him to marry their good family friends daughter, but she was not his type and he liked me, so that was our issue. But in the end it all worked out. So, yah whats the issue with you?

  3. aslamualikum

    I need some help with my problem.. i am in love with this man who is arab, but im a pakistani, and marrying out of race has never occured in our family. I met him whilst he was at uni in england (he came on a education visa thingy) and he went back to his own country, i havnt done anything haram but we have just talked, and he has asked me to marry him, and I think its time to tell my parents, but how do i go about it?


  4. I am a christian I loves a muslim girl how can I convince her parents

    • Aby,

      A Muslim lady is not allowed to marry a non Muslim man. So her parents would not agree.

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

  5. aslamualikum

    Dear brother and sisters I am in a lot of tension I want to marry a girl that I love dearly and can not imagine my life without her she has made me more religious as in being a Muslim I could pray that is shameful but after her I have and she made me from a bad person to a good honest and kind hearted thanks to Allah all mighty and then her, but with all happiness their is sadness waiting for you and that is the exact same case with me my mother hasn't approved of the girl that I love she has some issues as in she is 2 years older to me and doesn't look so pretty my mother is not a bad Muslim she loves me and wants the best for me but according to me these looks and age doesn't matter I am working hard so I can earn a living as well and a home so if my parents don't agree to me not marring that girl then I will move out I just want your help please to tell me if there is any Duma that I can recite so with the help of Allah all mighty I can convince my parents and live happily with my love and parents If someone can help me then I will forever be grateful



    • Wa Alaikum as Salam, Umair, I request you to submit a new post after you login so that we can publish it in turn. Until that, ask yourself: will you worship Allah in the same way and be hopeful of Allah if you are not destined for her?

      For any advise, submit a new post.

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

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