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I can’t find a job, has someone performed black magic on me?

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Assalam O Alaikum,

I am from Pakistan. I have been struggling with my career from last 6 years; I always end up in failure no matter how hard I try. I even fell ill, lost hair(for which I had treatments and managed to regrow them but now they are falling again), my neat skin is no more flawless like it used to be. I lost my health, even had surgery but still I am neither gaining weight nor seeing any betterment in my health. I applied to some hundreds of places but no luck! Why is that? Is it possible someone has cast magic on me?

If yes, is there a cure through Quran and Sunnah. I normally don't believe in magic and stuff but 6 to 7 years is too long a period so I am having doubts. I offer prayers and ask Allah to help me all the time. What else must I do?


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  1. Salamualaikum,

    The effect of magic is true, and it really happens.
    There are three parties involved in magic. One, the magician; two, the person on whom the magic is done; three, the Shaitaan.

    Whether magic has been done on you or not is not something to be doubtful about. If you begin doubting, that would open the doors to fitan.

    Do not give room for Shaitaan to lead you astray. If you are not finding a job, a reason could be because the market is down and there's no suitable job for your profile, or that your profile is not enough for a particular job, or your qualification does not match your applications. Analyze all this and more reasons, and see where there is a problem.

    Another reason could be evil eye. If you were doing a good job and there was someone jealous of you, the evil eye may have had an effect. There is a different cure if you know whose evil eye it is. And this is very difficult to find out; and if you set out to find out, you're going to accuse everyone. So, just supplicate this dua:

    “A’oodhu bi kalimaatillaahit-taammaati min kulli shaytaanin wa haammah wa min kulli ‘aynin laammah”
    I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah, from every devil and every poisonous reptile, and from every evil eye.

    “A’oodhu bi kalimaatillaahit taammati min sharri ma khalaq”
    I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah from the evil of that which He has created.

    Do not conclude without evidence, that magic has been performed, because that may lead you astray. If you think your hairfall is unusual, then have a complete check up done, to see if there's any medical problem. If yes, then there's no magic involved. If your hair fall has no reason, then we can move to the next step of investigation / analysis.

    May Allah ease your problems
    Muhammad Waseem Editor

    • Just to add a few words to Brother Muhammad Waseem's comment above:

      Instead of wasting your time and energy on trying to find out if black magic has been done on you, be positive and focus on taking the practical steps to alleviate the issues you have as Brother Muhammad has suggested. At the same time, strive to improve your compulsory and voluntary ibaadah - voluntary ibaadah as taught to us by Rasool(sws).

      SisterZ Editor

      • I eat properly,I just can't sleep or find rest!I had a successful surgery but evn that didn't change anything,instead of my health being improved it has detoriated.I don't sit back and blame people and I do offer my prayers regularly,at times I have to repeat my prayers again as I forget how many Rakaát have I performed or whether I did ruku or not.I know nothing about magic or stuff and I don't believe in such things,but its just that 6 to 7 years of struggle and no result makes me wonder at times!
        I even ask for forgiveness if unintentionally I did something bad that made Allah angry with me,but still I cant find anything.

      • Sadia11 has only suggested one of the reasons may be magic, which is intelligent on her part to consider. She is absolutely not wasting her time, can you please stop making assumptions. I think telling her to increase her ibadah is irrelevant and presumptuous. Every problem has its solution and you people are just generalising. You need to be more considerate and kind. I think all of your comments are not tackling her issue and there is arrogance in your tones. I believe all your comments are unhelpful and immature and not at all encouraging.

    • Alright,I don't blame anyone or anybody,I have no reason to blame anyone.I just don't understand where did I go wrong or what have I done that I am suffering for 6 to 7 years for reasons unknown.My repeated efforts,my continuous requests for forgiveness if I did somthing unintentionally of which I am unaware,my struggle,my prayers ,everything!And still no result makes me sad at times.

  2. sallam

    sister in this case, leave all your faith in God. like i used to have career issues and the day i decided that i will only focus on my relationship with God and be a good servent and a good muslim inshallah that was the day i got my ideal job!

    your hair loss and acne is due to stress and maybe your not eating healthy due to stress! the thing is sometimes our dreams dont work out and we need to adapt.

    • Really? What did you do differently that you weren't doing? If you don't mind me asking can you further elaborate because I'm going through the same thing.

  3. Sadia11, As-salamu alaykum,

    I doubt that anyone has put magic on you. These are difficult economic times, and someone who wants to find a job must do more than just spread resumes and fill out job applications.

    See the advice given on this previous question:

    When will I get a suitable job?

    Wael Editor

    • Yes,but 6 to 7 years is too long a time!And I am not talking just about a job,I am failing in everything I initiate no matter how big or small it is!My studies,my career my health,everything!And its not that I don't pray,even during prayers I forget how many Rakaat I have offered or whether I did perform ruku!Then I have to start my prayers again!

      I have not blaming anyone but I was wondering why for 6 to 7 years my life has become stagnant,not just in career but in every single thing!Whether it be my studies,career/job,health,friends!

  4. Can someone help me, how to make a new post?

    • Sister Kalsoom,

      Follow this link and follow the instructions:

      Muhammad Waseem Editor

  5. Assalamualikum:
    If you think that this is magic, may you should consult the right mufti.Some good muslims are present they will help you free of cost. I tell you its psychological to think this. In 90 % cases there is no magic but only perceptions.
    Do believe in Allah , strong your faith. Recite and understand the Quran. Just understand the meaning and cause of your life. This is the place of your test. do more zikr and Tasbeeh. Allah can bring you out from bad situation. Be thankful to Allah and pray (salah and du*a) when you get in any difficulty.
    You should remain in wudu most of the time.Tasbeeh "Ya Razzaku" as many as you can
    May it helps you. May Allah give you prosperity.

  6. Salamualaikum brother Fawad,

    There is no proof in the Quran and the Sunnah to repeat the Name of Allah by just calling Him up with the prefix 'Ya' a specific number of times.

    It is true that the beautiful Names of Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta'ala can be taken as a Waseelah, but a dua is done with there Names. For example, 'Allahummarzuqni Ya Razzaaq'
    Just repeating the name makes no meaning. Calling upon Allah? Fine, but why?
    Just imagine, your mother is with you and you say 'O mother' she says 'yes...'. You say again 'O mother' she says again 'yes...' and you keep saying it again and again. Does it make a meaning?

    In such a way, calling upon Allah should accompany with a dua. The practice of deviant sects is calling Allah by His name and repeating it several times, which has no proof in the Quran and the Sunnah. Thus, the 'Ulama declared such calling a bid'ah.

    Wallahu A'lam
    May Allah save us from the innovations in Religion

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

    • AssalamWalaikum Brother Waseem,

      I understand what you are explaining. I have noticed that this chanting

      ritual is very common among Pakistanies. I haven't seen any other nation

      follow this. Why is that? Chanting a name x amount of times will bring you

      success and money, etc.... I have never believed in this.


    • Brother do you have any hadith reference. Also how can a normal person make a Arabic dua with Allah names. Where I can find them. JazakAllah

  7. wa alaikum as Salam Sister (tomorrow),

    Its a trick of Shaitaan. He has promised to lead the slaves of Allah astray. And he's doing it.

    The 'chanting' concerned is equal to making fun of the Aayaat of Allah and His Names and Attributes.
    Allah and His Messenger Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam never approved such meaningless chanting.
    This is common among the people in Pakistan and other countries of the Indian sub-continent, because there is still a lot of Jahaalah or Ignorance among there people, and Shaitaan finds it easy to trap them.
    This has been introduced by some deviant sects which have been following the practices of Hinduism to a very great extent.
    If anyone knows Urdu, there is a great opportunity to understand all of this. There is a series of Duroos by Shaikh Mustaza Baksh of Pakistan, which is more than just beautiful. Insha Allah, it'll be really helpful in understanding, and will also help in improving the understanding of our Lord, Allah. Here's the link:

    May Allah Give us the Most correct Knowledge

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

    • Assalam Walaikum Brother Waseem,

      Thanks for your reply. There are numerous books

      for sale that instruct the readers to do chants and rituals

      for specific purposes. I must admit they can be quite

      tempting to the average person. I have witnessed large

      groups of Muslims gather to chant verses a specific

      amount of times to heal a sick person faster or overcome

      tragedies. This has become the norm among countries like

      Pakistan and India. They all desire quick fixes for their problems

      without the hard work and dedication Allah SWT expects!

  8. askm.i have lost a very good job by a silly mistake.i have not just lost this job by a silly mistake.but there were many jaleous person whodid not want to let me do job there. i lost my that job bcoz of peoples evil eye.many times i make tuba .istagfar n wazaif to get that lost job back but every time i its look highly impossible for me to join that job.every time every movment at day n knight i make dua since last 4 is my and my family will to grt that job again.kindly guide what should i do or read dua for getting my previos i lost it just bcos of peoples evil eye.allahhafiz

    • arshiya, I suggest that you focus your energy and dua' on getting a different job, or a similar job somewhere else.

      Wael Editor

  9. i had this problem of losing jobs for 25 years. i lost over 12 jobs and allof them are not my fault. unjustly. i an going to buy a 20 gallos.of water and read alfatiha,alahad,anass,alfalaqh,alkoursiou and oth douaa 11 time times on that water, and drink from it and wash with it and do preppy with it,and inshallah .GOD will take it away,oua houa 3lla kouli shayinn kadir.

  10. Salam

    I have lost 5 jobs due to people not liking me. I dnt know Allah knows

    Is their any way you can please tell me some dua.

    How would i find out if its black magic or the evil eye

    Please help

    Jazakhallah khair

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