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Cursing abusive husband


asalam o alaikum

A woman married for more than 6 years and with 3 kids has been suffering greatly at the hands of her cruel husband and his family.He doesnt provide her and kids with basic necessaties like food, clothing, child's education, medicines when kids are not well, and force her to bring money from her parents and sends her to her parents place to live for months and instead gives his whole earning to his brother's wife. He even gave her gold jwellery and expensive dowry given to her by her parents to his brother's wife.

During ramadhan he didnt bring drinking water for kids before going for work instead gave the bottle to his bro's family and said to her to take water from his bro when kids need it, when she went to take drinking water his bro's wife said to her husband,"isn't she fasting?", she said "do you expect the infants to fast too along with their mother?".

So when it was time for iftar she prayed to Allah for help and cursed her husband "may Allah kill him in an accident" while he was away.

2 days later her younger brother who was hardly 20 passed away in an accident on the spot. He was fasting that time.

My question is that is this her curse that went back to her and instead her beloved brother dies or is it only a coincidence? Can she curse the man and his family who have deprived her n her kids from life? What is the effect of a curse (bd dua) in islam?


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  1. Hello,

    I think we should not tolerate any sort of abuse from anyone. If someone is making your life miserable, it is your right to equally reply to them and ask allah in your prayers to punish that person. But your husband didn't try to kill you guys so its not right to ask allah to punish him this way.

    I think your situation is kind of tricky, it might be that the curse you wished for your husband, went back to your family. But i dont think it is justice, because persons makes baduaa when they themselves are in pain and Allah know everything.

    My condolence on your brother sad demise.

    Save yourself, and Get divorce from that Man!

  2. Assalaamualaikam

    I believe that Allah is Just and Merciful. So, I don't believe that He would do something like that. We are all called to return to Him at our appointed time, and this was the time He had appointed for the woman's brother. May her brother find peace in Jannah, inshaAllah.

    It's a natural part of grieving that we look to our own actions and think "did I cause this?". But wishing something bad about one person doesn't cause another person to have something bad happen to them. This was not the fault of the woman.

    If she is truly so unhappy in her marriage, then she does have the right to seek divorce. I'd advise that she speak with her parents and arrange to stay with them along with the children, while she and her husband consider their options. It may be that they wish to try some marriage counselling, or they may feel that the relationship is beyond saving and that it would be better for them to part ways.

    As for making bad duas and cursing people, we shouldn't do this. It doesn't help situations and only adds to our own feelings of bitterness and negativity. Rather than wishing bad things on someone, we should focus on getting ourselves into a better situation and if we can, make dua that the other person be guided to see their mistakes and return to the straight path.

    Midnightmoon editor

  3. Asalamoalaikum brothers,

    Jazak Allah

    Thanks a lot for ur replies,actually im the same woman who went through all this,now my husband filed a false suit on me showing his hatred and malice for me.Its been more than 6 years that i was dragging this relation but he himself showed he wanted to get rid of me.As for the reason why i cursed him was because he made my life a living hell,infact he tried to kill me so he could get rid of me and the worst thing is he is the same with his kids too.He never bother when his kids are so ill that they may die,all he bothers about is his brother's wife and kids and says thats my family.

    So truly it was not the effect of bd dua or curse,it was only Allah(swt) will.

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