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Asalam alakum sisters and brothers. As you can see there is a huge problem in family and I will get in details and inshaAllah you would help me. Well my dad has been married to 3 women, 2 in which he divorced, and my mom was the one he stayed with the longest, never been in a divorce. Yet the relationship is so bad and they're always talking about a divorce.

My mother got married to my father at age 13, and before she got married to him my dad already had one child from another woman which is a baby girl who was 7 years old at the time my father got married to my mother. My parents brought a lot of kids varies from 7 to 10 kids, I won't bring in the specific number, but I'll say we are a lot of kids, my mom told me that ever since she got married to my dad there was NEVER a day where things were good, everyday was a problem FOR NO REASON and sometimes very small reasons.

My mom was also very nice to my dads daughter (my half sister) she treated her as if she's her own daughter and never let her out even though the girl herself was a very evil child! She went around telling everyone that my dad put magic on her food and her mouth was switched to the side... Soon we came to America and my dad never seen his daughter for 10 years (she is married) and now 38 years old, and he never liked talking to her cause all she did was start problems.

We went back to our country after 10 years and met her, I thought she was sweet and my dad forgave her. She stayed at my dads house till we came back from Yemen, just after a month or two my older sister had a dream that some guy that she doesn't know telling her "your house in your country is in severe danger, on the second floor in the window in the middle lies a paper and in that paper is dark magic and the person that put it there is your half sister, your dads daughter" my sister soon told my mom and my mom told my aunt (who lives in our house back home) she told her to check if there's something there, my aunt said she seen napkin and in that napkin there are words, and next to those words there is a cigarette" (my dad is a smoker) my aunt said she got scared and took it out.

I'm not sure what she did to it, but apparently she destroyed it. Now after 3 years of being in America once again, my other older sister had a dream a month ago that a guy that she does not know told her "your house in your country is in danger! If someone were to dig by the sides of your house they would find the darkest magic in there, the dirt is filled with black magic, your house is filled with magic and all the danger is aimed to your part of the family, and the people that are cursing your family are your half sister (my dads daughter) and her mother (my dads old wife).

My dad is never okay! He's always mad, he's always mean, he's always yelling at my mother for no reason. I feel so bad for her. My aunts and uncles (my dads sister and brothers) always tell us "none of us are like your dad, we don't know why he's like this" he's so cheap, he doesn't give us anything, we are locked up in the house and the only thing we can blame it on is the magic. I'm not going to lie but I HATE MY HALF SISTER!

She ruined our life! My mom is a very good person she never leaves her prayers, neither does my dad he never leaves his prayers as well but there's always something wrong with him. My family doesn't deserve this, especially my mom. My sisters, my mom and brother have the WORST luck in the world. Even my sisters marriages are always problems, EVERYTHING is a problem and I'm not exagerating, it seems like we're living in a dark messed up place. Please help me! I'm only 17 and I don't want to live the rest of my life crying and having bad luck, what should we do? Thank you! Salam!

-Allahs slave

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  1. Salaam Allahs slave.

    I can only advise by the Qur'an and Sunnah on this matter. Make sure everyone in your family recites Surah al Ikhlas, Surah al Falaq and Surah an Naas 3x each after Magrib salat, and Fajr salat and before sleeping at night and 1x each after Zuhr, Asr and Isha salat. Never miss it.

    Also your family should eat 7 Madinah Ajwa dates each morning. Black magic will not harm that one that eats them on that day,. Prophet SAW said whoever eats 7 pressed dates in the morning will not be inflicted with witchcraft or poisoning that day (Abu Dawud).

    Also work on renewing your faith. Remember that nothing can harm you or anyone except with the will of Allah swt. This girl has no power. There is not power except with Allah swt.
    Recite La hawla wa laa quwwataa illah billah regularly and ask your family to do this too. Those with strong faith are generally more difficult to inflict magic on.

    Learn supplications for entering the house, leaving house, eating and all aspects of your life. Read Qur'an every day. Do not let a day pass where you do not read Qur'an. Especially read surah al Fatihah, although it is not for black magic it is a known cure.

    Also is there any chance of you guys going family counselling? Maybe she has put black magic on your family but there are still issues here which need to be resolved. We cannot blame 100% of these issues on black magic. Good fortunate and 'luck' are from Allah swt. Your family need to sit down and work things out. If your mother and father can't maybe they should consider sepeartion.

    Also if the above steps dont work you may want to consult someone qualified in ruqya. A sister asked a similar question to you on Dial Dr Naik and he recommended ruqya if it doesnt remove it. However be very very careful who you choose. There are a lot of people who pretend they know ruqya or who are unqualified and cause more harm than good.

    I pray that these help you and your family.
    May Allah swt bring you all together again and remove any sihr on you all.

    Sara Editor

  2. Salaam,

    al-Tirmidhi, 2057; Abu Dawood, 3884. Jibreel used to do ruqyah for the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and say

    1- “Bismillaahi arqeeka min kulli shay’in yu’dheeka, min sharri kulli nafsin aw ‘aynin haasid Allahu yashfeek, bismillaahi arqeek (In the name of Allah I perform ruqyah for you, from everything that is harming you, from the evil of every soul or envious eye may Allah heal you, in the name of Allah I perform ruqyah for you).”

    also another poweful dua i have recited myself which help alot

    2- "Allahumma Rabban-Naas, adhhibil-ba"s, ishfi antash-Shaafi laa shifaa'a illa
    shifaa'uka shifaa'an laa yughaadiru saqama" (O Allah, Lord of mankind, remove
    the harm and heal me, for You are the Healer and there is no healing except Your
    healing, a healing which does not leave behind any disease), three times;

    3- A’oodhu bi kalimaat-illaah il-taammati min ghadabihi wa ‘iqaabihi, wa min sharri ‘ibaadihi wa min hamazaat al-shayaateeni wa an yahduroon (I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah from His wrath and punishment, from the evil of His slaves and from the evil promptings of the devils and from their presence).

    4- Aoothu bikalimatil-lahit-tammat, allatee la yujawizuhunna barrun wala fajir min sharri ma khalaq, wabaraa watharaa, wamin sharri ma yanzilu minas-sama/, wamin sharri ma yaAAruju feeha, wamin sharri ma tharaa fil-ard, wamin sharri ma yakhruju minha, wamin sharri fitnanil-layli wannahar, wamin sharri kulli tariqin illa tariqan yatruqu bikhayrin ya Rahman.

    ‘I take refuge within Allah’s perfect words which no righteous or unrighteous person can transgress, from all the evil that He has created, made and originated. (I take refuge) from the evil that descends from the sky and the evil that rises up to it. (I take refuge) from the evil that is spread on Earth and the evil that springs from her, and I take refuge from the evil of the tribulations of night and day, and the evil of one who visits at night except the one who brings good, O Merciful One.’

    5- Bismillahi ladhi la yadhurru ma3asmu shay-un fil ardhi wala fi samaa wahuwa sami3un aleem.
    “In the name of Allah, with Whose name nothing in the heavens or earth can cause harm, and He is the All-Hearing, All-Knowing.” [Sunan Abu-Daawuud, Hadith No. 5088]

    Do have faith That nothing occurs except by the will of Allah, the Most High.
    -if He desires good for you, no one can avert His favour. He bestows it on whichever of His slaves He wills. He is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. [Quran, 10:107].

    I beleive if you have big faith and keep reading these duas allah will heal you and your family


  3. Dear Allah slave,

    I do understand your pain, your problems that this sihr has brought if if any, allah knows. Please do not get upset, curse, allow it to put anger in you towards any one. This is a test, and in many cases people get driven away from deen because of this type of test. You my sister/brother dont allow this to happen to you. Because this test has been given to you by allah, and there is a reason for it. We dont get tested randomly, we are tested for a reason. Allah may test your patience, your iman, if you beleive in his qadar etc. The more you practice, the more allah will give you bigger tests. Look at prophet Muhammad (S>W>A) what he has gone through, dont forget he is a prophet. Look at Ayyub His parts of body were covered with loathsome sores. He had many ugly looking ulcers on his face and hands. The sores were full of worms. It is narrated that he picked up those worms which fell from his abscess and praised Allah for creating them. Above all, his false friends attributed his calamities to his sins. They ridiculed and looked down upon him.

    And then what did Allah do ?
    "Then We heard his prayer and removed that adversity from which he suffered, and We gave him his household and the like thereof along with them, a mercy from Our store and remembrance for the worshippers." (21: 84)

    All these are tests for human being. If Prophets were tested, who are we me and you ?
    In your case, the person doing the sihr is tested, you are tested if you have patience and beleive in allah or you will turn to magician and treat it with magic rather than turning to allah.

    May allah take away all this sihr and grant you success in all of your exams and future tests – Ameen!
    May allah reward you for your patience.


  4. Sister how can your family blame every bad thing that has happened in your family on your half sister who lives in Yemen and you all live in the US, iam not trying to be rude but does your sister or aunt want that house in yemen that your half sister is living in, maybe you should ask around and see what this is really about, as for your fathers behaviour you said he has been devoiced 2 times some people are just hard to live with.

  5. sorry i misread post about the house in Yemen, still think you should not blame your sister.

  6. As-salamu-alaykum dear brothers and sisters,

    I’d like to start of by thanking the above users for their advice and support. I myself, along with my family, have suffered and are suffering from sihr - ever since I can remember (I’m 21). Life becomes difficult when affected by sihr, which can lead to depression, loss of faith/imaan, and can have severe psychological affects.

    If you look at the meaning of Surah Al Bagarah Chapter 2 Verse 286: “Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity. It will have [the consequence of] what [good] it has gained, and it will bear [the consequences of] what [evil] it has earned.” (that’s not the whole verse, just part of it). Brother/sister, this verse is very important and is where I derive my strength and sanity from. The effects of sihr you’re experiencing is all a test from the almighty. This test that is charged upon your soul is well within the capacity of your soul. I’d like to draw your attention to two verses in Surah As-Sharh Chapter 94 verses 5 and 6 : “For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.” From this, I believe that there will come a point where this hardship will cease or end, and that day will be when your soul can no longer bear the test. However, you must always remember that every single of your good deeds and bad deeds will be accounted for - Surah Az-Zalzalah Ch 99 verses 7 and 8.

    Dear brother and sister, do not lose hope. Continue to have faith, and let this test strengthen your imaan, and bring you closer to your Lord.

    To start off with, I would suggest that you and your family make sure you recite your 5 daily prayers every single day and under no circumstances should you ever miss a prayer.

    Secondly, I’d advise that after every salaah you should recite:

    Durood shareef x 7
    Surah Fatiha (Chapter 1) x 7
    Surah Al Kafirun (Chapter 109) x 7
    Surah Al Ikhlas (Chapter 112) x 7
    Surah Al Falaq (Chapter 113) x 7
    Surah An-Nas (Chapter 114) x 7
    Ayatul kursi (Chapter 2 verses 255-257) x 7

    Before going off to sleep recite Dua a Jameela as follows:

    Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
    Ya Jameelo Ya Allaho, Ya Qareebo Ya Allaho, Ya Ajeebo Ya Allaho, Ya Mujeebo Ya Allaho
    Ya Raoofo Ya Allaho, Ya Maroofo Ya Allaho, Ya Mannano Ya Allaho, Ya Dayyano Ya Allaho
    Ya Burhano Ya Allaho, Ya Sultano Ya Allaho, Ya Musta-aano Ya Allaho, Ya Muhsino Ya Allaho,
    Ya Muta-aali Ya Allaho, Ya Rahmano Ya Allaho, Ya Raheemo Ya Allaho, Ya Haleemo Ya Allaho,
    Ya Aleemo Ya Allaho, Ya Kareemo Ya Allaho, Ya Jaleelo Ya Allaho, Ya Majeedo Ya Allaho,
    Ya Hakeemo Ya Allaho, Ya Muqtadiro Ya Allaho, Ya Ghafooro Ya Allaho, Ya Ghaffaro Ya Allaho,
    Ya Mubdiyo Ya Allaho, Ya Rafeyo Ya Allaho, Ya Shakooro Ya Allaho, Ya Khabeero Ya Allaho,
    Ya Baseero Ya Allaho, Ya Sameeo Ya Allaho, Ya Awwalo Ya Allaho, Ya Aakhero Ya Allaho,
    Ya Zahiro Ya Allaho, Ya Batino Ya Allaho, Ya Quddooso Ya Allaho, Ya Salamo Ya Allaho,
    Ya Muhaimeno Ya Allaho, Ya Azeezo Ya Allaho, Ya Mutakabbiro Ya Allaho, Ya Khaliqo Ya Allaho,
    Ya Waleeyo Ya Allaho, Ya Musawwiro Ya Allaho, Ya Jabbaro Ya Allaho, Ya Hayyo Ya Allaho,
    Ya Qayyumo Ya Allaho, Ya Qabizo Ya Allaho, Ya Basito Ya Allaho, Ya Muzillao Ya Allaho,
    Ya Qaweeyo Ya Allaho, Ya Shaheedo Ya Allaho, Ya Moti Ya Allaho, Ya Maneo Ya Allaho,
    Ya Khafizo Ya Allaho, Ya Rafio Ya Allaho, Ya Wakeelo Ya Allaho, Ya Kafeelo Ya Allaho,
    Ya Zaljalale Wal Ikrame Ya Allaho, Ya Rashedoo Ya Allaho, Ya Sabooro Ya Allaho, Ya FattahoYa Allaho,
    La Ilaha Illa Anta Subhanaka Inni Kunto Minaz Zalemin, Wa Sallallaho Ta-aala Ala Khare Khalqehi Muhammadenw-wa Aalehi wa Asha-behi ajmaeen Berahmateka Ya Arhamar Rahemeen

    Additionally you could also recite Durood e Taj, as follows:

    Allahumma salli `ala sayyidina wa mawlana Muhammadin sahibit taji wal-mi`raji wal-buraqi wal-`alam. Dafi` al-bala'i wal-waba'i wal-qahti wal-maradi wal-alam. ismuhu maktubum marfu`um mashfu`um manqushun fil lawhi wal-qalam. Sayyidil `arabi wal-`ajam. Jismuhu muqaddasum mu`attarum mutahharum munawwarun fil-bayti wal-haram. Shamsid duha badrid duja sadril `ula nuril huda kahfil wara misbahiz zulam. Jamilish shyami shafi` il-umam. Sahibil judi wal-karam. Wallahu `asimuhu. Wa jibrilu khadimuhu. Wal-buraqu markabuhu. Wal-mi`raju safaruhu wa sidratu al-muntaha maqamuhu. Wa qaba qawsayni matlubuhu. Wal-matlubu maqsuduhu wal-maqsudu mawjuduh. Sayyidil mursalin. Khatimin nabiyyeena shafi`il mudhnibin. Anisil gharibeena rahmatil lil `alamin. Rahatil `ashiqeen. Muradil mushtaqeen. Shamsil `arifeen. Sirajis salikeen Misbahil muqarrabeen. Muhibbil fuqara'ay wal-ghuraba’ay wal-masakeen. Sayyidith thaqalaynay nabiyyil haramayn. imamil qiblatayn. Waseelatina fid darayn. Sahibi qaba qawsayni mahbubi rabbil mashriqayni wal-maghribayn. Jadd al-hasani wal-husayn mawlana wa mawlath thaqalayn Abil Qasimi MUHAMMAD dibni `Abdillahi nurinm min nurillahi yaa ayyuhal mushtaquna bi nuri jamalihi sallu `alayhi wa alihi wa ashabihi wa sallimu taslima.


    O Allah, send blessings and Peace upon our Master and Patron Muhammad, The Owner of the Crown and the Ascent and the Buraq and the Standard, The Repeller of Affliction and Disease and Drought and Illness and Pain. His name is written on high, served and engraved in the Tablet and the Pen, The Leader of All, Arabs and non-Arabs, Whose body is sanctified, fragrant, and pure, Illumined in the House and the Haram, The Sun of Brightness, the Full Moon in Darkness, The Foremost One in the Highest Fields, the Light of Guidance, The Cave of Refuge for Mortals, the Lamp That Dispels the Night, The Best-Natured One, The Intercessor of Nations, The Owner of Munificence and Generosity. Allah is his Protector, Gabriel is his servant. The Buraq is his mount, the Ascent is his voyage, The Lote-Tree of the Furthermost Boundary is his station, Two Bow-Lengths or Nearer is his desire, His desire is his goal, and he has found his goal, The Master of the Messengers, the Seal of the Prophets, The intercessor of sinners, the friend of the strangers, The Mercy for the Worlds, The rest of those who burn with love, the goal of those who yearn, The sun of knowers, the lamp of travellers, The light of Those Brought Near, The friend of the poor and destitute, The master of Humans and Jinn, The Prophet of the Two Sanctuaries, The Imam of the Two Qiblas, Our Means in the Two Abodes, The Owner of Qaba Qawsayn, The Beloved of the Lord of the Two Easts and the Two Wests, The grandfather of al-Hasan and al-Husayn, Our patron and the patron of Humans and Jinn: Abu al-Qasim MUHAMMAD Son of `Abd Allah, A light from the light of Allah. O you who yearn for the light of his beauty, Send blessings and utmost greetings of peace Upon him and upon his Family.

    Furthermore, you should seek treatment using Ruqiya which is a compilation of verses from the Quran. You have to be careful that the Ruqiya is in accordance with the Quran and doesn’t involve anything else. Reciting Ruqiya yourself will be extremely beneficial and inshaAllah the effects of sihr will no longer affect you and your family. A simple google search of ‘ruqiya pdf’ will find the verses.

    Brother/sister, this is my advice. I recite the above and alhamdulillah my family is coping, alhamdulillah my sister recently got married, alhamdulillah I successfully completed my further education away from home and continuing my education. I appreciate that it is difficult to recite the above as I am also finding it difficult. Reciting Ruqiya is not easy and I struggle to recite Ruqiya. But by the grace and mercy of Allah SWT, I cannot complain and life is no longer that bad. Thus, I advise you to recite Ruqiya as well.

    I pray that the Almighty grant his mercy upon you, and give you strength to live through this test and keep you strong. I pray that the Almighty grant mercy upon all those afflicted by sihr.

    All of the above including the duas, Quranic verses, citation, translation and transliteration are authentic and true to the best of my knowledge. I do not intend to mislead you or anybody reading this.


  7. I have for the first time seen a person with absolutely true and sincere feelings for others in this age ,era! And extremely authentic!!! I love u who ever u r for guiding people with a true soul!! Pls keep up the good work May Allah bless you in every way ! A prayer with my heart!!

  8. Ruqya will remove the jinns inside his body and the rest of individuals involved, shaikh ben halima's method works best, check his website, alhamdulillah i had issues with my dad who was under magic effects to marry another woman from Pakistan who turned out to be a magician, and she was using my father to get a British passport amd attacking our whole family.... Alhamdulillah we are still working through it.

    The second issue is padlocks or knots done to lock the individuals life i.e padlocks with satanic verses to lock income, marriage, madness, anxiety, anger, stress, marriage, family, greed it literally could be done to effect the persons primary qadar and cause personality changes... Specific quran ayahs can unlock the blockages above read the specific on the individual 5-7 times with an intention to clear the magic effecting the individual....

    I am a salafi amd follow quran and sunnah, but whilst researching magic and effects there is alot of information that even tge brothers at tge mosque wouldn't agree with but when i applied abderraouf benhalima method, most of the issues cleared

    The other issue is my fathers ex wife was working with a very old but extremely specialised wizard, her lover.... Every time we cleared the magic, they would use our photos and soy on us with the kafir jinns and send fresh padlocks and new jinns, alot of the jinns became muslim alhamdulillah after a few conversations. So if your dealing with someone who goes to the magican as a client then your not going to get attcked every week or everytime its cleared but if the person sending the magic has a personal interest then its better for you to learn ruqyah and the 45 verses to unlock the padlock or knots, surah anbiya ayah 30 is the main verseto unlock the padlock but the other verses are specific to the type like madness would be tge ayah in surah baqarah about madness with riba....

    You can also contact me for more info as ive been through alot alhamdulillah may allah reward my family for the sabr... But i feel really heartbroken when there are families out there left in tge dark given no specific info to tackle the issue swiftly.

    May allah give you strength through this affliction ameen, from London, England, your brother in islam arif ahmed

  9. If black magic, sihr, nazar can effect you...Then how can you be inflicted with evil when nothing can harm you or anyone except with the will of Allah swt. There is not power except with Allah swt...La hawla wa laa quwwataa illah billah. I am trying to understand this concept. Can someone explain please

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