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I am not Muslim but want a dua for getting a good job

Friends I am a non muslim. But I believe in power of dua.

Hands raised in dua

O you who believe: Fear Allah as He should be feared and do not die except as Muslims. Hold fast, all of you, to the Rope of Allah and do not be divided, and remember Allah's blessing upon you, for you were enemies and he brought your hearts together until you became brothers by His blessing, and you were on the edge of a pit of fire and He saved you from it. In this way, Allah clarifies His signs to you that you be guided. (Quran 3 102-103)

I am searching for some good job better than my qualifications.

Please let me know if some one can suggest me some thing.

I know many duas are done for 40 days or more but I do not know which should I read.


- an1tut

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  1. Salaam,

    I am happy to hear that you believe in the power of prayer.

    I am confused, you believe in the power of prayer and you have come to an Islamic site (which suggests that you also believe in the power of Islamic prayer). If you believe in Islamic prayer, then you believe in Allah, which means that you believe Allah has communicated to us through his Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). My question to you is inevitable: why are you not Muslim?

    You are only a few steps away, so first and foremost I would like to invite you to the path of Islam. Here is a resource that can help you:

    Regarding the prayer:

    If you follow this link you will find guidelines on how to perform prayer: There is also a tab on the menu bar of this website which can help you under "Dua in Islam" which can help you.

    Regarding getting a job:

    My advice to you would be to take whatever training you need to fill your qualifications gaps, and network within the area that you would like to work in so that you can be on first name terms with the people who you are applying to (you may network through events, exhibition shows, lectures, talks etc) - as when people get used to seeing you regularly in a professional context, they are more inclined to favor you. You can find these events and talks through directories, or through websites such as There are also sites such as which will enable you to contact companies directly. Even the most sincere prayer will not magic you into the ideal candidate as work is something in which two parties must benefit (you and the employer - not just you). It is also a good idea to match yourself with the job that you will perform best in, so that you will excel easily and get promoted.

    Final Note:

    Last but by no means least, I would like to make the point that prayer is for the worship of Allah, and not a spiritual catalog in which we order qualities or circumstances that we want and then wait for them to be delivered, and then file a complaint when we don't get it.

    Allah has created all the world, Heavens and Earth - from raindrops to sunbeams, from flies to Whales - He created all of this and showed us great love and mercy gifting us with tastebuds to enjoy food and immune systems to protect us from sickness, beautiful emotions so that we can love and laugh, He sent us guidance on how to live our lives - we have everything that we need and we must acknowledge this with gratitude and show respect to our Creator who has been so generous that he has not omitted a single need or pleasure from our lives.

    Therefore, if you intend to perform prayer - please remember that prayer is for Allah and not for our desires.

    Whatever you seek to achieve in the material world is possible - all you need to do is put in the time and effort and go for it and you will see reward from your efforts. However the reward for any spiritual endeavor you undertake is a three thousandfold plus infinity.


    Editor, Islamic Answers

    • Leyla,

      I began replying to this this morning and due to lack of time, I left it. But my first paragraph was almost identical to yours, how spooky, lol!

      Anyhow, good answer maashAllah.


  2. u need ALLAH! i need ALLAH, but ALLAH doesnot need us.
    ofcourse all of us need ALLAH!
    but i dont like ur category, cux remember when devil made dua to ALLAH only in time of need to grant him life till resurrection and out of necessaity.
    but ALLAH gave HIm., that the Grand Nature of ALLAH. BUt his dua is worldy and will perish one day but none can save him form the burning hell fire, dear,
    there is a verse in QURAN which says :
    "One who desires this life , ALLAH gives HIm , but in HEreafter he has no share of bounties of ALLAH"
    so think bou it., really, u wanna live a kool life everything at ur service, cux some nonmuslims are already living that. or u want the good of this world and hereafter and the refuge from Hell fire.

    dont dare to doubt resurrection. ITS A FACT!
    and a promise of ALLAH! only one deludes himself, by lying to himself about the reality of life/

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