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I am 31 years old and woman. I am deaf. My heart has got weaken and weaken. How I want to become strong and confidence lady. My mother is getting older. I am worried about her and in future. I deeply prayed to Allah to give me job and marriage but nothing work out. I feel these are not good for me. I don't have job. I am just Artist. I am more worry about money in future. Please help me.


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  1. Dearest sister,

    You are an artist - how talented you must be! Have you thought about giving art lessons to children? Or maybe you can open a child care centre - that way, even if you can't have your own children, you can still have children in your life.

    Have you thought about opening a school for deaf children? Teaching art to deaf children? I know that requires money, but you can start very small, ask your aunties, your neighbours, other families if they know any deaf children who need help.

    While you are doing this, maybe you can sell some of your own art work? That will bring in some money for you.

    There are many options for you, sister. You are still young - many roads can open for you. I know money is a big worry for single muslim women, but don't let this get you down. You have many talents despite your deafness.

  2. Dear Sister,

    I recommend you start learning Photoshop and web designing (CSS and HTML). Also requesting admin that is there a way to help genuine person like this financially or otherwise.

  3. First of all if you are a Muslim, then pray ur 5 daily prayers regularly and if you can, try get up for Tahajjud and ask ALLAH SWT more for Akhira and less for Dunya. Raise ur hands only for ALLAH SWT and DO NOT ask anybody else for easing ur hardships. You can bring ease in ur life with the help of ALLAH SWT only

    Verily in the remembrance of ALLAH SWT do hearts find rest. Quran (13:28)

    Sometimes ALLAH SWT takes everything from you so that you may turn to HIM and Sometimes ALLAH SWT places certain people who let you down in your life to teach you that you should never depend on any one but HIM. ALLAH SWT will never let you down Remember ALLAH SWT more and more and read Quran with meaning. Nothing can change your destiny except Dua to ALLAH SWT

    ALLAH SWT does not wish to impose hardships upon you, rather HE wishes to purify you and to complete HIS blessings upon you in order that you may be thankful. Don't think about your future because only ALLAH SWT knows whats in store for you. Try living for today only and never think about what will happen tomorrow.

    You will find peace and happiness only in ISLAM and not by accumulating wealth. Make lots of Dua and ask, Oh ALLAH SWT guide me to the true path. He whom ALLAH SWT wishes HE guides, and he whom ALLAH SWT does not guide goes astray. A lot of knealing in Sajdah will keep you in good standing.

    Remember a deaf person or with any other special abilities is more nearer to ALLAH SWT than a person who has no disabilities.

    If what ahead scares you and whats behind hurts you, then just look above ALLAH SWT never fails you.



    • This is nice, spiritual advice, but you have to take practical steps too. Nothing will change in her life if she sits at home all day making dua. She must go out and take active steps to change her life, such as taking a course, looking for a job, networking with others (as best as possible in Pakistan). Dua and salat will bring comfort to her heart, but it won't make a new destiny magically appear on her doorstep.

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