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I'm 22 yr old girl..I love a guy very deeply..he was my gud friend and very religious..he made me also religious from western girl..he was very close to me and now he is into a relationship with another girl..its breaking me badly..I know I have to forget and wait for my match but I'm not able to..

I have committed many sins in my past and repenting for it all the time..I offer 5 times namaz and read quran parents are not so religious..they want me to become western girl like before and go for job but I don't want to go back to my past..I want to marry a person who loves and fears allah and help me get jannah..I don't have any worldly desires..I just want to lead my life in Allah's path but my parents are not understanding me..

I'm totally depressed by these two situations and I don't have anybody to talk or share my feelings as I'm only daughter to my parents..I'm not able to forget his memories...pls help me..I need ur advice..

Allah hafiz


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  1. Salam sister

    Don't feel depressed, i know this is hard for you and to loose someone you love can be really hard also. Just remember that everything happens for a reason, maybe allah brought that man in your life to bring you closer to islam. I am very happy that you are repenting and trying to do the right thing, and dont worry about your parents. they can't force to do haram stuff, looking for job or going to school is a really good thing for you, because you will always be busy and you will not feel lonely. Just be strong, work hard in life and work harder to get more closer to Allah, and inchallah with prayers you will find the guy that will make you forget all the lonely and depressed time you went through. But for right now, YOU HAVE TO HELP YOURSELF!! don't depend on anyone to come and make you happy,. You are still young don't let life take you down so soon.

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  3. asalamu alaikum,

    it takes time to heal a broken heart. your so religious friend is in a relationship with another girl? this is a blessing in disguise. preaching good, yet actions are opposite of what you preach, its good to stay away from guys like that.

    its hard to be a muslim, try to stay firm. some parents dont like when their child changes for the better. continue to improve yourself in due time your parents may become understanding and start practicing. also nothing wrong in searching for a job, you dont need to change to a western girl to find a job..

    ma salama..

  4. First, the boy is religious and now he is in a relationship with another girl ?????? A religious guy should not have a girl friend, a religious guy is not only appear to be religious by talking about Allah, praying or fasting. This should not be a lip service. His behavior should reflect into it. (You should be glad that you see his real face early.)

    What is the definition of western girl for you? Being a religious muslim woman does not mean that staying home, get marry early, have children and dress and serve your husband only. It does not mean to isolate yourself with the reality and praying and reading Quran day and night.. We are not meant to live like a monk or live in a monastery. A religious woman can also have a career, financial independent, strong and confidence.

    I think you need time to heal and you need to move on with your life. It is not a bad idea to get a job or even doing volunteer work in your community or in your masjid. I think you are emotionally too occupied by the break up experience. Get up from the drama and move on.

  5. The guy you going on about is not religious AT ALL. He is a total hypocrite I am sorry men like this live a double life, hiding behind masks so they can take advantage of girls who are naive in your case you was.

    Secondly don't change because someone made you change. Change because you want too, everything happens for a very good reason.

    Live for yourself and count your blessings you didn't indulge in haraam. You make choices for yourself, stop feeling sorry for yourself you don't need to be depressed Allah has shown you something that people are not always to be trusted.

    Talk to your parents tell them how you feel your still young don't waste your life in chasing after boys or get into the wrong crowds. Your parents are trying to protect you as well and you need to sit them down.

    Believe in yourself only, may Allah make the pain ease for you for the better InshAllah.

  6. Assalamualaikum..thanks a lot sisters and brothers for your useful advices..I'm feeling better by reading your trying my best to move on in my life but feeling very difficult..please do remember me in your dua..

  7. OP: I'm 22 yr old girl..I love a guy very deeply..he was my gud friend and very religious..he made me also religious from western girl..he was very close to me and now he is into a relationship with another girl..its breaking me badly

    A very religious guy left you for another girl.

    Guy seems very religious indeed...........relationship with another girl. May be he is trying to make the other girl religious also. Find a good job, in case you get married to wrong person you will at least be financially secure.

    One can be Western and religious too. Your parents have been thru your stage and know a little bit more about life.

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