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I started college four years ago not knowing what I want to do but had to go because of parents. I was a nursing major but couldn't getting into clinicals because my school only takes 40 students a year and the minimum GPA to apply is a 3.0 and I had a 3.15. I decided to switch to criminal justice because it sounded interesting in high school.

Long story short I graduated but I still have no idea what I want to do. Every job I look at violates some Islamic principle such as dealing with interest or working in court system. How do people find halal work in America? If I cant find halal work how will I pay bills or start a family? Where I live all Muslims I know work in haram jobs and have interest based mortgages. I do not want to live that kind of life because I feel Allah's punishment. But the flip side following the deen here is almost impossible and leads to a very tough life. Can those who have been in a similar situation to me give me some advice.


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  1. Subhanallah I'm in the same situation, but it makes me feel good that I'm kinda alone at standing for what's right and work to please Allah. But sometimes it bums me out sometimes inshallah we will standing for the sake of Allah. One good advice a can give you that will be really helpful for you is (istikhara) it were you ask Allah for what's better for you. May Allah give us a good life in this life and a good life ln the next. Ameen. May Allah make it easy for you ameen. I will make dua for you inshallah

  2. As-salamu Alaykum,
    I would advise trying to have a more open mind regarding the field that you have studied. You did not say which aspect of working in the court system you consider haram, but your knowledge and skills can certainly benefit you (and others) in a number of different careers.

    If you know a second language, for example, you may wish to pursue a career in interpreting or translation. Court interpreters make good money and help people having legal difficulties. Legal translators deal with the written word and make sure that court documents and other legal documents are accurately and faithfully translated, which can be a great help to immigrants or others who don't speak English as a first language. You may also be able to work with Muslim advocacy groups that help Muslims who are navigating the court system for any reason. There is also a great need for more Muslim police officers. Besides this, additional studies in another field (such as psychology, law, or a hard science) can lead to careers in profiling, law, and forensics. Social work and counseling are also possibilities.

    If you regard such careers as a means of helping others, I am sure you will find a way to flourish and feel good about what you are doing. Also, one thing leads to another. You might start out doing one thing and gradually move into another field as you begin to network and gain experience. Interpreters, for example, also work in schools and hospitals, and knowledge of the law is usually a plus.

  3. What about becoming a Quran teacher? In some Muslim countries like Pakistan people just disappear. You can fight with families to find out where are these people. You can work in a country that follows TRUE Islam.

  4. If you feel that working in America is incompatible with Islam then have you considered moving to a muslim country?

    Many muslim countries need dedicated people to work with the poor, with refugees, etc. You can speak English- perhaps you can get a job teaching English to youngsters? I don't know if you are male or female, but there are gender-segregated schools in most muslim countries. You can also work from home in a muslim country, doing halal internet work or something similar.

    you have a lot of options, you just have to have the courage to pursue them.

  5. Dear brother,

    For the first part of the question. Stop blaming others for the situation you are in. Unless ans untill you grow up and take responsibility for what you are right now you won't be able to move forward in life. Others may have contributed to the situation you are in now. But instead of complaining about your situation, make the most of what you have and move forward from there. There are so many successful people in this world who were brought up in a worse environment than you are in at the moment. So thank Allah for that and make dua to guide you towards a better life in the future.

    The second part of the question. It's very good to know that people like you exist in this world who look at the ways to earn and carefully consider wether it is halal or haram before moving forward. I appreciate you for your level of Iman. Make dua that Allah keeps you steadfast on deen. Because Shaitan is now working extra hard on you to deviate you from the path of Islam.

    Keep in mind that if you want to a very pure halal way of earning money in todays world then be prepared to live life with low level of income (Inshallah you will be rewarded for your efforts in Jannah). As far as I have found out the ones which are pure halal doesn't pay much salary. Also, explain to your would be wife that you'll be earning a low level income in the future so as to avoid a mismatch of expectation and reality.

    Also, all is not bad. Have trust in Allah and keep making dua to Allah to show you a path to earn lots and lots of hala rizq. Inshallah you will surely find a way. I suggest you watch some videos on youtube by Mirza Yawar Baig. He's a very inspirational Shaikh.

    In the mean time. Keep learning and practicing more about Islam.

    May Allah bless you with plenty of Rizq.


    • shabina, please register and submit your question as a separate post, and tell us more about your situation so that we can advise you Insha'Allah. Thanks.

      Wael Editor

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