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Desperate to get married


Hi i made an account to ask this question.

im a 18 soon 19 year old girl; i am DESPERATE to get married as i want to complete half my deen, also go to umrah and Hajj with my husband for my mahram and for other reasons.

my problem is that the person who i want to marry is not financially capable of supporting me. He has told me this and said due to his low income job it would take years to save up for even a simple nikkah and to support me afterwards as he is also financially supporting his family backhome in afghanistan. He is very poor but im happy with his character and i agree he is a good person and i cant imagine myself with anyone else.


what are my options? Is their a way to get married although he cannot afford it? I myself am a student so i cant afford it either also my family are also on a low income.

I fear that if we prevent this marriage for years then haram might occur.


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  1. Last year my nephew was 19 student, his wife was younger a student. Got married with the help of his parents. Had the nikkah done, and a very, very small walima in the house. Now he has a child, working 2 jobs. Anything is possible. As long as you try to make things halal, Allah will facilitate.

    One thing I need to say, after nikkah you do not need to move in together. So both can study,work and see each other since you are married. Rather than seeing each other in a haram way.

    Also, are your parents willing to help? It doesn't cost much unless you want the typical Aghan wedding.

    Marriage was suppose to be simple, do it the right way, more baraqah in a marriage.

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