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I did not divorce my christian husband before converting to Islam and marrying. Is my marriage valid?


Fiqh of Love marriage in Islam by YASIR BIRJIS

I was a Christan girl and was forecely married to a Christan man I did not liked that person at all as I loved a muslim guy and wanted to Marry him.
I lived with my christian husband for 27 days and on 28th day without taking divorce from my last husband. I married to muslim guy because my intention was that once I will convert and accept Islam automatically my Nikkah with my Christan husband will break.
Before getting married to my Muslim husband I converted as a Muslim and later on we got married.

I just wanted to ask that weather my nikkah with my Muslim husband is lawful or not as I have not taken the divorce from my Christian husband.


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  1. dear sister umaima

    im very happy to hear that u have seen the beauty of islam.sister your nikkah is not valid until u are islsm it is not allowed to remarry when you are already already i advice u to take divorce before moving on with the muslim brother.

    may Allah guide you.

    • Caring heart, what you have said is incorrect.
      A revert Muslimah does not need 'divorce' from a disbeliving husband as she isnt permitted to be married to him anyway. The only thing scholars say is to wait until her iddah is over before she can remarry, and that once the iddah is over, her marriage will automatically be annulled.

      Umaima, technically you should have waited until your Iddah was over. Atleast the Muslim man you married should have known better - or double checked such an important issue with a scholar before marrying you.

      Anyhow, if I were you, I would approach a Sheikh and tell him of the case - to double check if a new Nikah is necessary and whether your nikah was even counted. As strictly speaking a Nikah during Iddah is not permitted. It goes against the whole point of Iddah!

      Was salaam

      • one more thing i wanted to highlight that since the day i got married wih my christian husband i didnt allowed him to have any sexual contact with m in this case is iddah will be applicable on me , in christanity there is no concept of iddah so i was not aware of it and what i was bearing in my mind that after converting to ISLAM my past life and my past relations will be vanished and soon after accepting ISLAM me and my muslim husband got married.
        In this case our marriage is valid or not.

  2. Salaam. . . Am sorry to hear that u are being forced to marry d person u dont love, which of course goes against not only religion but also to humanity in general . . . . . . . When u revert to islam as a female, there is what we call iddah (ie waiting period) of which u have to wait for 3 months before getting married again (quran65:4).. If in d course of that time he also reverts, ur marriage with ur ex is still valid and u dont need to perform another nikkah (islamic marriage process) with him. However if he remains a non muslim and ur waiting period is over, then ur marriage with ur ex is authomatically cancelled and then u are free to marry ur new husband by following d verse of d quran60:10 ''O YOU WHO BELIEVE! WHEN BELIEVING WOMEN COME TO YOU AS EMIGRANTS (ie reverted to islam), EXAMINE THEM; ALLAH KNOWS BEST AS TO THEIR FAITH, THEN IF YOU ASCERTAIN THAT THEY ARE TRUE BELIEVERS, SEND THEM NOT BACK TO THE DISBELIEVERS (non muslims). THEY ARE NOT LAWFUL (wife) FOR THE DISBELIVERS NOR THE DISBELIEVERS LAWFUL (husbands) FOR THEM. BUT GIVE THEM (non muslims husbands) THAT (amount of money) WHICH THEY HAVE SPENT ON THEM (ie the bridal money given to d wife should be returned to d husband). AND THERE WILL BE NO SIN ON YOU (muslim men) TO MARRY THEM IF YOU HAVE PAID THEIR BRIDAL-MONEY TO THEM...... But looking at ur question, it seems as if u didnt observe ur iddah to see if ur ex will convert and u just married ur new husband whilst u are still with ur ex.. Am sorry sister but i must tell u this is a wrong approach, for at least u have to wait for a period of 3 months before remarrying. And if u husband converts before ur waiting period is over, u dont ve d right to remarry without divorcing him. . . . . But sister if u are talking about forceful marriage, that's a different thing altogether as it is totally against islam.. If in d course of waiting period he reverts to islam and u dont like to stay with him due to the forceful marriage or because u dont love him, u can still seperate from him by divorce him (islam has given u dat right)

  3. caring heart!!!, islamically her marriage is authomatically annuled/cancelled if she reverts and observed her iddah whilst her husband still remains a disbeliver.

  4. Asalam mu Alaikum sister

    Alhamdulillah that you have accept this wonderful religion.May Allah forgives all your sins and rewards you the paradise of Firdos.

    About your marriage to this muslim brother without getting divorce from your christian husband.I agree with Faith.And i will try to give you more informations.

    I will try to answer you from a fatawa i know from some scholars.In islam If a women becomes a muslim and her husband is a non-muslim it is not permissible for her to allow him to have sexual intercourse with her.If her(Iddah) waiting period expires and her husband does not become a muslim,it becomes permissible for her to marry another muslim man.

    Therefore,if this marriage took place after her waiting period(Iddah)expired from her first husband,then it is a correct marriage contract provided fulfilled the condition of a correct marriage in the way of Islam.

    however,if this marriage took place before her waiting period(Iddah) had expired from her first husband then it is invalid marriage.Hence the second husband should renew the marriage contract with her fulfilling the conditions and pillars of a correct marriage of Islam.

    So,sister may Allah bless u if you have married before your waiting period(Iddah)had expired from your first husband then I am afraid that you need to renew your marriage so that it will be valid in the way of Islam you have to marry with guidance(wali) and two witness.And your guardian should be a muslim.Mature and of sound mind.and all the non-muslims of your relatives cannot be your wali.if none one of your family is a muslim then a muslim trustworthy and a righteous man should be your wali.As prophet(s.a.w)said(The ruler is the guardian of the one who has no guardian)and there is no marriage without wali(guardian) .the best thing was that you could have contact a scholar before your marriage.But hope I have given you some information.And may Allah bless u.

  5. i have same question from her, i was converted to islam, and i have a muslim boyfriend, and we wanted to get married, the problem is where both stay in uae, and we are different nationality, and my 2nd problem is that i am still married to my christian ex-husband and i never filed annulment yet, but we are separated for 9 months now. how can we get married in uae because of their law. can i still get married to my muslim friancee? thanks

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