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Difficulty in getting job

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Assalamu alaikum

I am am indian and living in uae. Before 5years i got offer letter for one very good job and then i lost it because of silly silly reasons. Many people tried for me that time but it did not happen. I worked in the same place for very less salary. Now i got another offer and everything went in smoothly. Then the manager resigned from there and it got delayed. Now new manager joined but again problem in security clearance. I resigned from my previous job also. Please help me with a proper dua for me to get this job as soon as possible. I am in great trouble please.

jasmin aslam

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  1. OP: Now new manager joined but again problem in security clearance.

    What problem you have with security clearance? Can you provide additional information and get it resolved?

  2. Assalamu'alaikum,

    In these times, finding a job is very difficult. One must be active in the search and should also show how they are different from others and most suitable for a position. This is even truer today due to the competition. They say that one should not leave a job until they find another.

    As you are in the UAE, I believe you are on a visa. Is it a business visit visa or a permanent employment visa? The problem with security clearance exists everywhere, but if you be specific, then perhaps someone can precisely advise you on that.

    As for a du'a, the following du'a should work well, in sha Allah:

    اللهم لا سهل إلا ما جعلته سهلا وأنت تجعل الحزن إذا شئت سهلا
    O Allah, nothing is easy until You Make it easy; and You Make the (situation of) distress easy if You Will so.

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

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