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Asalam alaikum

im a muslim revert n i had reverted to islam 6 years ago back in school .. right now am in my college final year n im in a relationship with a muslim guy since a year or so and my parents do not know that am a muslim revert n i havent told them yet n il tell them after 8-10months wen i finish ma college..

but in between they had pressurised me for marriage but i fought with them n said no ..

and right now the muslim guy still loves me n wishes all gud for me but seems like hes scared to tell his parents about me n hes been teling me its not gonna workout in the future .. ur parents n my parents wont accept ... all these the guy is been telling me since few months cuz his mom found out that hes talking to me... n am so scared to lose him...

i told him I am so bold enough to face any issue in the future so u don't have to worry or be scared n he's not accepting the fact that he's scared then i told him either your not interested in me or ur scared of the future, that's why ur saying its not gonna workout like that i had told him...

now am so sad n just praying to Allah (swt) ... would be really nice if u guys help me out .. am in a confused state n i really wana marry that guy...

jazakallah kheir

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum
    You should break up or get married in islam it is not allowed to be in a relationship before marriage
    And you should tell your parents that you converted how do you want to make dawah with them if you didn‘t even tell them that you are a muslim.
    It is reported from the Hadith of Abu Qatadah and Abud Dahma who said: ‘We came to a man from the people of the desert and asked him, did you hear a Hadith from the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam)?

    He said: ‘I heard him saying,’

    ‘You will never leave something for the sake of Allah, but Allah will give you something better in return.’

    You can be certain that Allah gives you something better in return because this is a promise of Allah and Allah does not lie nor break his promises

  2. Seek Allah guide(istiharah) for this matter coz He is almighty all-knowing.

  3. A man with this kind of characteristics why would you even that as a father figure to your kids . Your kids will have no hope .

  4. Why is your boyfriend such a weak coward? And why do you want to be with a man that gets this terrified and scared over something that's completely normal and natural (marriage)? What else is he scared of? His own shadow? Sleeping in the dark? Does he still wet his bed at night, too?

    Honestly, dump this loser and find yourself a stronger personality that can support you through life and its many ups and downs. All this guy is going to do is run to his mummy every time he gets scared. Which, I can imagine, will be a daily occurance, lol.

    • "What else is he scared of? His own shadow? Sleeping in the dark? Does he still wet his bed at night, too?" ... You're pushing it now sister lol. Are you speaking from experience?

      • I'm not pushing it, I was being dead serious. The way she describes this sorry excuse of a man immediately made me think of a 3 year old toddler that is scared of everything and runs to his mummy 10 times a night for comfort.

        This is not about me and my experiences, I'm just sharing my thoughts after having read someone's description of their relationship and partner. But to answer your question, no, I don't have any experience with such cowardly and weak men. They are not the type of men I like or have ever been attracted to. I like strong personalities, that's what I'm attracted to. I'm proud to say that my husband is an adult that can take care of himself, and he was never afraid to approach the subject of marriage like a grown man. Unlike OP's boyfriend.

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