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Disobeying parents and severing relationships with fellow muslims

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I have disobeyed my parents a lot and severed ties of relationships but have stopped both. I have stopped disobeying my parents and now obey them, do good deeds for them, and serve them and do things that I know will please them. I have sort of severed ties and then have been upset with them and I think even hated them and even avoided them for awhile (longer than three days) (I got bullied by a whole bunch of girls (not relatives)) but I treat them right now and even when I was upset with them, give them salaams, and talk with them and now even am trying to be friends with them so if it was a severing of ties I have fixed the ties and treat them right.

But now I have afraid because I have read these things:

That Allah (swt) forgives the sins of all people except those who disobey his parents and harbor enmity towards the believers.

That one who severs relationships will not enter heaven.

Allah (swt) with not have mercy upon or purify the sins of the people who disobeyed their parents.

One who is blessed with parents but does not fulfill their rights will not be forgiven (his sins) by Allah.

'Accursed is the one who distresses there parents."

Allah (swt) will not accept the salaat of the person who stares angrily at their parents.

That this is Aq Al-Walidayn and is not eligible for divine forgiveness.


But I have stopped disobeying my parents and I listen to them now. I am trying to fulfill their rights now. I am trying not to and am not distressing them. I am not staring angrily at them anymore. I did not cut off ties with family but with fellow muslims and I fixed or am fixing the ties and do not harbor enmity to them anymore and am trying to be friends with them. So will these apply to me? Am I going to go to hell? Will my sins not be forgiven? I no longer persist in these and the people who I did it to are still alive and I am being kind towards them and returning and fulfilling their rights. Will I still be punished and not granted jennah for doing these things even though I have stopped? now that I have stopped can I beg forgiveness and will it be accepted? Will my prayers be accepted?


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  1. I really don't understand the problem.
    Could you elaborate?

  2. The one who repents and makes ammendments ALLAH forgives him. Certainly ALLAH's mercy is greater. 🙂

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