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Divorce and intention


Salamu aleikoum,

If my husband said "I divorce you" and later says he didn't meant it but lied, does it count as a divorce?

I know that if a person says it out anger it doesn't count as a divorce. But what if he lied to me?

He said it again and I am afraid if he says it again it will be the third one. Therefore, we will be haram to each other because the first divorce counts for Allah.

Secondly, why its the woman who has to marry someone else and consume thaf marriage (ofcourse, with the intent of making the marriage work) if she and the first husband wants to remain togheter? Why that condition is not also applied for the husband? For some women its hard to start over. To be with a new person and be intimate. So it forces that woman to remain single. Special for someone who has kids.

Those who gets marry have to adjust to this life and sometimes divorce is mentioned. I want the divorce at times but I don't want the stigma of a divorced. I don't want to hurt my kids either. Please help and make dua for me.


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  1. Aa, as far as I know..If it is said even in anger the divorce has taken place.

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