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Assalam okeykum,
I'm pregnant now, my husband is not providing anything for me and has not provided anything that we will need for baby. He doesnt provide clothes or my medication . In fact he doesn't do anything for me at all!! In fact he tell me to go and buy. I'm out of work due to complications I'm having with pregnancy ( which he has verbally abused me for being signed out of work) I'm unable to provide for myself especially living in expensive area. I really want to take divorce from him but he won't allow. And he is making me to go look for some work even doctor said I can't work because it is dangerous. He still say i need to give him sexual pleasure and Do all for him in home and he just having easy life for him. We did live together but he just spend 2 hour with me everyday and then he go to sleep and spend rest of time or his phone.

Please tell me can I go and try to take divorce from him, surely in Khula if man can't provide for you and now also baby then he is not suitable husband . Thanks you


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  1. I recommend that you should take khulah, this kind of man will ruin your life. Take a bold step and be courageous and make a decision. God bless you

  2. He's not "allowing" a divorce? That's the thing, though, he doesn't have to allow it - you can take the steps to make it happen, with or without his help. Islamically speaking, there are grounds for divorce in your situation, so it's just a matter of you

    1) Packing your things and leave
    2) Pack his things, throw them out of the door and change the locks

    With a "husband" like your's, it's better to have no husband.

  3. Asalaamu alaikum,

    Sister, these men don't change. Be grateful that he has shown you his true colours early on in the marriage and get out now. There is no shame in holding a baby that was born in wedlock and with the best of intentions. What is humiliating is being forced to work and earn a living while pregnant. He will do this to you again and again. Get a khula. If he wants to be with you, tell him to go and seek professional help for his personality disorder first.
    There are too many cases like this and they aren't pretty. You deserve better sister.

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