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Divorce in case of invalid marriage in Islam and remarry the same person.

Assalamu walaykum brothers and sisters. I need some help. I am confused.

I am a married woman. I got married without my parents' consent but there was presence of two witnesses( both were my husband's uncle). We love each other very much. My parents won't accept me without giving divorce to him because  according to shareah it is invalid. I don't want to lose my parents nor my husband. I love them so much. what should I do?? give him divorce and go back to my parents?? or to stay with my husband.

If I give him divorce now, is there any chance to marry him again according to shareah.



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  1. Al Salaamu Alaykum,

    The marriage would not be valid without a wali, in other words, your father giving consent. The best thing to do is go back home and agree with your parents about the invalidity of the marriage, but explain to them that now you've consummated (presumably) the marriage to him, it's better for them to agree for a proper remarriage with the validity of your father's consent. So yes, the marriage can and should be redone the correct way, and it would be valid then. Staying with your this man from this point would be grievously sinful on both you.

    -Amy Editor

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