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Divorce issue – I can’t understand why this is happening!

Divorced couple split in two


It is very important to know that I married a man, it was totally arrange marriage. But my mother in law was very sarcastic n one I was cooking n she shouted n my husband too shouted so I told him that I am going to my relative in the same city. He stopped me but I didn't listen n I had my one paper as well. That same night he messaged me to send him the divorce papers I went back but they did not open my door n after 14 days he sent me divorce papers with signature. But I have not got divorce certificates. My question is that, is this the way that u leave ur wife for a small thing? I need an answer, I cry a lot.


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  1. Asalaamu alaikum Sister,

    While I don't have the details or his side of the story, from what you have explained indeed it sounds like he is being childish. But if really wants to end this marriage so easily then sister he isn't worth crying for. How do u know of he somehow takes you back, another small thing happens and he divorces you then!? At least everything is still new and so you can find someone with more sense and love, inshAllah. The purpose of marriage is to acquire sakeenah, so if you didn't have this, I would say, move forward confidently knowing that Allah is with you, without doubt He is with you.

    • i agree with br. Ahmed. But if you're in Pakistan then you may be worried about remarrying and afraid no one will want you. To that I say make dua that Allah bless you with a pious man and a loving family so you can have sakoon. Your current husband sounds like someone who will always do what his mommy says and she just sounds controlling and mean

      • Thnx bros,u r absolutely right ahmed being Pakistani yes iam worried n I hav my respect so that's y want to go back bt i know Allah is with me IA ,only one month marriage was my fate, n whn u said that this small thing again happenef then he ll again leav me,my mom also say ths,moreover his mother does tawaeez,may b she did on me so I left home quickly on that day too,well I stayed thr for one month only

  2. What happens to mother in law to behave like this ?
    The same daughter in law in future will behave like this ?
    Very unfortunate .A woman is destroying woman's life ?

  3. Salaam
    Very similar thing happened to me but I stayed 4 months and left myself and went home because my mother in law was very cold and cruel towards me. My husband and me were fine even after I left but when his dad returned from Pakistan months later he demanded he divorce me. Next thing I know I receive talaq paper signed by delivery of his brother in law. Then they demanded their gifts back. My sister one thing I know is that everything happens for the best Allah swt is Al Muntaqim the Avenger - he will make you victorious against your enemies if you make dua and do extra ibadat. Don't worry about being from Pakistan, you will marry again InshAllah just made dua and increase your tawakul and sabr. I live in UK and any woman I know who has divorced has always remarried happily. Alhumdhililah. But always remember marriage is not the purpose of our existence worshipping Allah swt is. xxx

    • Bulkul,I cried but now am strong Allah made me so ,Allah knws evrythng,but u get punish fr nothing it hurts a lot,my mother in law was cruel towards me I jst said my husband to buy me a home n i lll pay the rent myself bt uff she was so sarcastic,n has a problm wth me in evrythng i wear,cook,even I clean home she crtizes n loves her daughter alot on the othr hand

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