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Divorce under form ILA


Hi experts

Please advise me... I have took oath on quran not to accept the girl with whom I married forcefully as my wife due to some reasons... Please guide will it be considered as talaq under ILA form of talaq? I know I made mistake but now further I don't want to suffer... I took oath and in front of my parents. Shall I tell her now that I am not accepting her as wife? Please guide... I want to take talaq and don't want her to suffer more... so that she can move on...?


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  1. Marriage isn't a joke I don't know why people don't take this more seriously! You couldn't speak up when you were Asked if u wanted to marry her but you have the courage now to divorce her? This is ridiculous I know I don't know the full story but divorce is taken so lightly nowadays just like a causal gf fb break up

    • Amna you should have guide him not to press him, he acknowledging his mistake and just want to help..
      just guide him dear...

  2. I wasn't even going to write anything - it's so infuriating how people treat others. Why on earth did you marry her if you were going to divorce her anyway? Clearly marriage is a joke for you, but your now going to hurt your wife and ruin her life in the process. All I'm gonna say is if you don't want to be with her, be a man and take some responsibility for your actions. Don't get married again until you understand your roles and responsibilities as a husband.

    • In Quran it is stated that the most unpleasant halal act is Talaq and secondly good women are for good men and bad women for bad men. You should evaluate your deed and accept her because God has related her according your deed. There will not be a guarantee of finding the new good woman because you will get what actually you are.

  3. ya Allah!
    after having pleasure with her now u wanna divorce her u r not man enough why on earth did u accept to marry her?was it under gun point?were u saving your life to be with her? man dont just play with her feelings be patient with her pray hard and all will be well divorce is not solution always dont destroy her life and yours also sought things out there are many solutions out there other than talak dont u rush man
    may Allah help u sought it out aameen

  4. Why would you do this!!!!!! I don't understand men who say they were forced to marry so and so! You swore not to marry her, but you must've attended the nikkah process in the masjid right? Even if all failed you could've told the girl straight up that you don't want to marry her

  5. I hope you can find your answer in this link about talaq an ilaa.

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