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Do women have a purpose?

Asalaam â€" hu â€" Alaikum1.I would like to know what the rights of men and women are in Islam?

2. Are women born solely for the purpose of pleasing their husbands and children, and therefore through that action please Allah?

3. Is it possible for Allah to grant women with talent and intelligence to succeed at a certain career, since this career helps people in many ways?

I would appreciate some guidance in this regard


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  1. Of course that women have a purpose outside the family. As far as I remember one of the wives of Mohamed had a successful career in the commecial field too. I think it is very important for woman's own self esteem to have a career and independent income.
    In my country we use to say "the one who pays the bill, orders the music". This site is full of complaints by women who, one way or another, suffer in their marriage life. More often these women are in a weak position, which makes them tollerate things, that should not be tollerated. Very often it is because they do not have the means to leave a bad marriage, without becomming a buden to their families. I have chosen a career that everybody told me is not "for a woman". Well, I have persisted (it wasn't easy, that's true) and in the end I have succeeded. Now even members of the family who didn't support me at the time, are proud of me. I must say I also feel good about the achievements. I have another colleague at work, Muslimah, who also dared to go against the will of the family and she became an IT engineer. She is very much respected at work and by her relatives too. So, yes, women as equally capable to do well in a given career path. All it takes is a strong character, and the ability to say "No" to all those who do not believe in you. All the best.

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