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Does Allah hate me?


assalamu alaikum.... m in great's been 5year we are(me n my family) facing problems...from the last 5 years are financial condition are not good... whatever businesses my dad had started it all incurred loss...within 5year my dad had started over 4 business n all of them suffered a huge loss...first my Dad used to work in gulf country.. but after retirement he returned to r country n started doing his own business... whatever money he had saved for our future he had invested in his business but he suffered a he started a new business... but when ever he starts to get profit something comes some repair work or my mom's gets ill...specially some repair works comes n then he had to invest those profit in those work...then v left with no money... I don't understand why this is happening... he is working so hard day n of this condition v have not given zakat also in this Ramadan... my sister who is married also facing the same n my sister are teachers... her husband is also facing same financial problem...m 25year old but still m not getting any marriage proposal s...what ever v do we incurre losses... m so stress out..feeling like committing suicide... y Allah is doing ths to he hate us? plz help me what to do?n most important now we don't have money so are close relatives now don't respect grandmaa always taunts us..this really make me feel like crying... n one more thing...4-5 times I had a weird dream...I dreamt that thr were one masjid n I was passing by n suddenly I saw some trees,grass..then I feel jinn is there..I don't see the just I body becomes cold n I can sense n feel that my stomach is twisting... this all I had felt while I was sleeping n dreaming... plz help me plz...


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  1. Assalam alaikum sister, what you are going through is a test, allah has given you or your family this hardship so that either he wants to reward you with something big or that he is doing this because you committed a sin, maybe a major one and he is expiating your sins for that. Allah doesn’t hate you. Allah loves all of his servants. I advice you to turn back to praying to allah and repent for your sins and consign your matters to him. is a muslim dream interpretation site that is very useful and it helped me too. Just be patient and allah will reward you.

  2. No, Allah does not hate you. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, but has your family really looked into why it is you are always short of money? Do you pursue infutile business ideas? Do you live above your means? Do you invest in faulty products? Do you have issues with establishing a clientele? Do you not compete well with other businesses?

    I'm not a businesswoman, but I know that it's very difficult to establish a successful business. It's not just how many hours you put into your work that counts, but what you do with all those hours that you work. Maybe it'll be a good idea to speak to other successful business owners and pick their brain, or maybe even hire a reputable business consultant that can help make your family businesses a success.

    Good luck.

  3. Waallikumsalam
    my dear sister i am sad to hear this. no one can heal this situation but only Allah Almighty. i am telling you please do read this dua whenever you are free no countable amount is required only believe in Allah and read this dua In Sha Allah your situation will be better In Sha Allah.

    -Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un, Allahumma ajirni fi musibati wa akhlif li khairan minha-

    Verily we belong to Allah and truly to Him shall we return. O Allah! Protect me in this calamity that has befallen me and replace it with something better.

  4. namaz and Dua only way of solution to show you the right path , Allah always help you , ask what you want , but patience is most important ,then u know the value of everything ( time, money, relationship, family, friends , good and bad things) this is trining Period of ur life , practice namaz , Dua ,sunnath
    Allah always help you ...
    I am also making a Dua for you ....

  5. jazak Allah for ur replies... I recently went to one mufti(scholar) he checked me n told us to bring our house dust..he said someone had did magic on me n our house...he told us to do certain things to get rid of these magics...actually I'm having doubt to whether believe him or not...I mean we hear soo many stories about how they thug u by telling u someone did something on u...he is a well known mufti...but the things he told us to do regarding to get rid off magic is making me little worry. plz help me out what to do...should I go ahead with this or should I stop ths??

    • anam90, it sounds like nonsense to me.

      Wael Editor

      • Brother Wael. I have posted one question which shows as pending. All other pending ones are black and mine shows as blue. What does it mean if it is still blue? At first I would go back just to re-read it and it would put that date as a date of modification even though I made no changes to it. Thank you for your help and thank you for the guidance that you are providing as well as giving people this forum to ask openly things that we cannot ask others due to the silliness of our various cultures.

  6. Might be worthwhile visiting a authentic ruqyah imam who can recite only quran specific verses to help with spiritual world matters that may be factor.

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