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Does Allah reveal the truth one day?


I am 25 year old female. I was in love with a boy for few years. We both had good understanding so we decided to take the relationship to the next level. The guy told it at home about me. His mother was not ready to accept me as her daughter in law. Somehow he convinced his mother and asked her to see and meet me. She met me and did not like me. I am sure that I have not hurt her or told anything against her but she did not like me without any reason. After a few months he convinced his mother and she finally agreed to continue.

Now all the process of family meeting had finished and she started keeping demands like money and things from my parents if they want me to get married to her son. This started creating differences between me and the guy. (I have never seen dowry in love marriages and it's a sin in Islam(though that lady is a haji)). Everytime she found something to create problems between me n him. She used to complain about me to him (he knew me how I was)and he used to fight with me like my mom said this and that and many things that were lie. I used to convince him and tried to make make things work. Even he tried at times. But his mother never let us even talk happily to each other. Everything was now like ups and downs before marriage.

Marriage was nearing and she told his son that we do not respect his son and we are not able to give her and her son money. She put false accusations on me and my family. Though I tried my best to make him understand the situation but he never understood. He was the guy like if my mother is saying this then it cannot be wrong. He told me many things and abused me and laughed at me when I was explaining him the situation. His mother and his family were next to him while he was abusing me. I felt like I lost the battle.

When this man is not ready to listen to me and he does not trust in me then better let go off this relationship and hence by this way I gave up. I could have proved that I was not wrong and all allegations on me and my family were baseless but I did not wanted to break his family for that. So I thought walking away is a better option for me.

Just after two months of breakup he got married to the one who gave him some huge amount of money. I m devastated and broken completely. I had given up my career for him just to get married to him. He was so insane that he did not even think of all this but was very sure about his mother's statements against me. How did he even think that he did not receive respect from my home when we all used to speak to him prepare good for him and never let him leave home w/o having food. We did all the things possible by us for 1 year and at last he said that he did not get the respect he wanted.

Now he is married to other girl. He still has the same concept in his mind what his mother had told him that day. I am innocent I have not done anything like that but he still believes his mother. I just want him to know the truth. I just want his mother's lie would be revealed. Does Allah punish them for doing such things to me and my family. Does Allah reveal the truth one day? Will they repent for this? How will I be proved innocent? I dying daily by carrying false blames on myself. Will they face the same situation that we have gone through? Please advice and reply I am broken down.


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  1. Trust in Allah.He is with the innocent and oppressors surely get punished.You must thank Allah that he saved your life and did not let you live with such a spineless man.What would you have done if he had divorced you on such allegations after marriage or after having kids.Allah has made better plans for you.You have to seek refuge in Allah from such negative thoughts.Wait with gratitude for future to unfold.

  2. Hi Masha,

    I think you are putting a lot of focus and emphasis on what he and his family think and say about you. This is a really hard test, but I think you will succeed if you remember that Allah sees all and knows the truth, and nothing can change that. These people haven't been respectful towards you or your family, and I encourage you to consider that whether the truth comes to light during this lifetime or not, it might be more worth focusing your valuable energy elsewhere.

    May Allah reward you with an even better career, partner, and anything else your heart desires.

  3. A.O.A

    Im sorry to hear that,its really mean to marry a girl for money though I don't even think that he ever loved you,apart ffrom this you are wasting your time keep thinking about him knowing that he is married,Think about it even if you got married to him your life will be more difficult,a person who can insult you and abuse you and laughs at your explanations BEFORE marriage,he will never respects you after...

    Offer your prayers and Pay alot of thanks to Allah bcoz he saves you and move on,you will get a better partner than him...

  4. Assalaam u alaikum dear sister,

    Believe me you are better off this man. There are so much similarities in your life and my life. In my case I got married to him and conceived in the first month itself and he deserted me or you can say abandoned me in just 1 week after the pregnancy confirmation at the behest of his family, didn't turned up even on birth of the baby for giving azaan and sent divorce after 2 yrs. You are lucky , I can understand your pain but you still have future a head. It is very difficult but time will heal Inn'Shaa'Allah. I too had thoughts like you, feeling oppressed, a wish that they should suffer as well.. This is natural but don't over think on this. Listen to Yasmin Mogahed serenity podcast on YouTube, it will be helpful. Take care.

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