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I am a 18 yrs old girl. I am Muslim and I am in love with a 22 yrs old boy. We have been talking to each other since 6 years he is a very kind man. He studies in university. I was Muslim before also but I don't act as Muslim e.g I don't pray before but now I do. It is all because of this boy he told me the right path as a Muslim. He loves me too he also talks me about getting married he said that his parents would love me as his wife. But I am afraid my parents won't allow. I don't know why but I am afraid. Right now I am studying but I am talking about the future. I love him a lot, I often make duas for him. He says that he love me but I am afraid. I am afraid that if he will leave me what would I do? He don't like girls on Facebook, I deactivated my account. He even don't like to talk with cousins, I don't do that. I've mentioned that I was Muslim but don't act as a Muslim. I don't know what is wrong with me. Why I am losing my trust on him? But plz guide me is it halal for making duas for someone whom you are in love? We also planned that we will have kids and we will name them etc. But I am too afraid He belongs to a respected family.


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  1. You've been in a relationship with this guy since you were 12 years old??? That is extremely young, especially if he was 16 at the time! Sister, I think this guy is a control freak who took advantage of you when you were young and naive because he wanted something to exercise control over. He has no right to tell you who you can't talk to, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with talking to your cousins as long as you maintain appropriate limits - they are your family and you should have good ties with them. There is nothing wrong with being on Facebook either - again, as long as you maintain correct behavior. Instead of letting this boy tell you what is and isn't Islamic, why don't you do some research yourself and learn about your religion and it's expectations? Allah blessed you with a brain to think with and the ability to read and understand, so thank Him for those blessings by using them! Sister, your instincts are telling you that something is wrong with this relationship and that you cannot trust him. Listen to those instincts and extricate yourself from this deeply unhealthy dynamic you have with this boy.

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