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I have an account in one of the religious networking site. Wherein I have joined many ISLAMIC Groups and ALHUMDULLILLAH am the Admin of few of these groups, and so I get many friend request and I add almost all of them (known/unknown Muslims Male or female)and my only motive to do so is to share Maximum Islamic Knowledge among us.

Now whenever I Post/Comment/ or Reply to the personal Msg I make it a point to address the Person as Brother or Sister, my main reason to do this is to make the person clear that there is no hope for any further relationship. In this process fortunately or unfortunately,
I came a person with whom I share a very good Brother-Sister relationship, and Trust Me its a 'Pure n Pious' Brother-Sister relationship He is Younger to me n calls me DI(Didi- word used for elder sister),and since we are from different states we have not yet met.But he says that"Di I will attend Ur Marriage ceremony).

Now my concern is "Does this kind of Relationship allowed in Islam, because anyways he is not Mahram to me?" "Would I be questioned for this on the day of Judgement?" Alhumdullillah My Brother (whom I have mentioned) is "HAFIZ-E-QURAN" and I asked him the same question and He replied that "Di! ALLAHTA'ALA neeyat dekhne wala hai agar hamari neeyat thik hai toh hum koi gunah nahin karsakte."

But I m confused of whetherI should continue with kind of relationship or not. If not then ALHUMDULLILLAH we both are Mature enough to be suffice with ALLAHTA'ALA's order.

Please guide me with the same. May ALLAL SUB'HAN WA TA'ALA Reward YOU termendously.

~Kaneez Fatima

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  1. Assalam O Alaikum sister Kaneez,
    Your question reminded me of my own post which I submitted here couple of years ago and question was same only it was other way around. That is how I came across this forum and been reading, commenting here ever since and was honored when asked to join the team as an editor Alhamdullilah. However, in my case it was different as we never chatted ( I can't chat at all and find it repulsive to be honest especially for longer hours), just may be a phone call in 3-6 months to find out what is going on in our lives. I still owe a lot to that sister as she helped in few things but I realized it was for the best to part as I knew that their is no such relationship as brother and sister, although we share a universal bond regardless of our background, race, ethnicity, color, or other differences but their are certain rules we need to follow. Last time we spoke, she was getting married and I hope by now she is and happy in her life iA; I still pray for her which is the only way to return what she did for me as a sister.
    I know their are a lot of sisters who run blogs or Islamic forums and their is nothing wrong with it but they certainly do follow/need to follow some rules regarding gender segregation in Islam. It is masha Allah very noble deed to help brothers and sisters to learn more about Islam and follow it which is the purpose of our very existence (propagating/spreading the truth of Islam). As you said yourself that it is not appropriate to be in such a relationship and keep it within limits; I don't see any point in chatting with non-Mahram or meeting (as you mentioned that you guys have not met).
    Surely, Allah (swt) sees our intentions but still it doesn't mean that we mix up and put ourselves in danger of falling into sin. We are all humans and prone to falling into sin regardless of our level of practice or regardless of us being imams, Hafiz-e-Quran, Qari or Scholars. We are humans first and prone to making mistakes and it becomes almost impossible when we know that our eternal enemy (Devil) with all his force is trying to get us off the straight path and become animals. These are little, innocent steps that lead us bigger sins only to burden our souls and add to the account of sins.
    So, cut all the contacts with this brother and tell him that you respect his noble intentions but still we are non-mehram and their is no point in chatting. If he has something nice to say about what you said or wrote then he can comment and remember to no keep on commenting on and on, which may make you guys attach to each other or may go off the subject. If he still needs your opinion on something then he can post it publically to keep the things halal way iA.
    I hope I helped iA and may Allah (swt) help us all to stay on straight path and help us avoid from doing the things which may lead us to go stray. (Amin)


  2. I will make it very short, what your doing with this guy is wrong. So stop chatting with this young man. Us human are very weak. It will start from chatting then it will lead to something else. By the time you realize it you will be to far into this relationship. Then you will not see him as a brother and he will not see you as a sister.

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