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Does the “Maryam Booti” work? (a plant that helps with pregnancy)

Does the Maryam Booti (or Nabi Booti) plant help with conception, pregnancy or delivery?

Does the Maryam Booti (or Nabi Booti) plant help with conception, pregnancy or delivery?


Dear Wael,

asalamu-alaikum. I'm married and 8 months pregnant. I wanted to know what Islam says about the "maryam booti"? (which is said in urdu), a small branch which is believed to grow in saudi arabia and helps in delivering for a pregnant women. I want to know what the truth about this is in Islam, how & when to use it or if it's just a myth made by women. Plz reply asap. Thank u very much, and may Allah bless you.

- Sonia, USA


Dear Sonia, Wa-alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullah,

I had never heard of the maryam booti plant before you asked this question. I also asked my parents, who are both botanists and used to lecture at the University of Riyadh, and they were not familiar with maryam booti. My father thought he had heard of it before, but not in the context of pregnancy. Anyway, based on your question, I thought perhaps it is an herb or natural medicine that a woman takes that helps to dilate the cervix or prompt the onset of labor. However, when I did some research I found the following description by a woman on Flickr named Swamibu:

"For thousands of years across the Middle East, Asia and Africa, Maryam Booti has been used when pregnant women are in labour. A piece is taken, placed in water and then expands. In every experience I have witnessed, by the time it expands the mother has delivered! Chance? Coincidence? Or could it be something more, God knows best!"

If this description is accurate, then my answer is no, this plant will not assist your pregnancy in any way. It is not ingested, or applied topically, or burned, or used in any way that could have a true medical or medicinal effect. Instead it is simply left to soak in the same room, like a good luck charm. And in Islam we do not believe in good luck charms, since everything in is the hands of Allah, not luck.

However, most traditional medicines and remedies are rooted in truth in some way and are often effective. My guess would be that the plant probably takes a predictable amount of time to soak and swell, and that this was a timing method used by traditional healers to judge whether the labor was taking too long, which could indicate some kind of problem. But that's really just a guess.

And Allah knows best.

If any readers have some additional advice for this questioner, feel free to post your comments below.

(O Allah), Guide us to the straight path; The path of those whom you have favored; Not those with whom you are angry; Nor those who go astray.

Best regards,

- Wael Hesham Abdelgawad, Administrator Marriage Advice Muslim Matrimonial Service

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  1. Assalamu Alaikkum (varah)

    I'm married since 2006. So far no child. Please let me know Maryam bhooti is helped for conceiving.

    If yes, how to use?

    • Yes ive heard its workes .i know abkut delivering child but somebody adviced me to drink water to get pregnant lets see what happend .just need to put flower in water and let it soak and drink that water9

      • Assalamualaikum sister am arshiya here from India bangalore it's my 9th month I need mariam plant can u help me . I will be thankfull to allah and I will be thankful
        To u

      • Shama please drink madina bhooty mix in milk evry morning fr a week inshallah,its available in madina near uhud mountain.

      • Does it worked?

      • Meri shadi ko 1 year hogya but abhi tk wife pregnant nahe ho rahe hai kiya mariyam flower use karne se pregnancy hojaye gi

        Please Give me answers as early as possible

    • How to use

    • sorry it doesn't help in conceiving it helps in delivering child

    • Para todos los que queráis saber de la flor Maryam Booty o también conocida como Nabi booty, estas raíces nacen de Arabia Saudita son plantas medicinales muy curativas. Normalmente no se encuentran en otros países para comprarlo deberían comprarlo en la misma Arabia Saudi o sino por internet a través de Ebay por ejemplo o otras página y personas que lo traen desde Saudi para venderlo en otros países.
      Esta planta no es para nada un juguete es decir no la puedes considerar un amuleto de la suerte, pero sí es verdad que tiene habilidades curativas para muchos tipos de enfermedades y tanto como para embarazadas, como ya se ha mencionado anteriormente. Maryam booty funciona y se ingiera de la misma manera que otra raiz muy conocida llamada “jamareh” . Simplemente cojemos la raíz, normalmente no es más grande que la palma de la mano, y a continuación la ponemos a hervir de esta manera veremos que el agua adquiere un color diferente. Una vez bien hervido se sirve y se toma como si fuera té.
      Para las embarazadas esta planta también la pueden tomar las embarazadas, ya que tiene muchos beneficios tanto para el bebe como la misma madre. Tomarla antes de dar a luz ayudara con el trabajo de parto, es cierto. Pero también ayudará al bebe durante la etapa de embarazo y después del parto ayudara a limpiar el cuerpo de la madre.

      Espero que les haya ayudado inshallah,
      Un saludo

  2. assalam alaikum . yes there is a maryam flower which helps a women in labour .i have 3 children and have used it when in labour with all mum bought it from saudi arabia when she went for hajj . you shud soak it in a wide bowl when u start experiencing labour pains,after you have deliverd you remove it from the water and it will shrink back to its original size .you can re use it as many times as you want .you can also take a couple of sips of the water if you want its supposed to speed up the process. jazakallah

    • Walaikum salam nazia,
      I wanted to ask about proceedure to use it
      Should it be soaked in warm water?n for how long to be soaked?and when it will b ready to take in as sips?should it be taken in strt of labor pain or in between? Should it b frst clean by water and then to be placed in water to soak? Plz reply ASAP

      • I think you should do it at the start. You can soak it until it opens up. And you can clean it if you'd like. I am not 100% certain with my answers.

  3. Assalaam Alaikum
    Wael: "If this description is accurate, then my answer is no, this plant will not assist your pregnancy in any way. It is not ingested, or applied topically, or burned, or used in any way that could have a true medical or medicinal effect. Instead it is simply left to soak in the same room, like a good luck charm. And in Islam we do not believe in good luck charms, since everything in is the hands of Allah, not luck."

    Just to correct brother/sister wael,there is a slight error in the description that you recieved of how this worked and hence assumed it was a type of charm,the fact is that the water in which this herb is left to soak (for a period of time) has to be drunk regularly too.

    • Salamualaykum from what my Mum explained to me when she went for hajj some years back. She said Keff Maryam is a miraculous plant or root. Its been soaked only tells you your natural EDD. And we know very well that Allah's signs of greatness is in every of his creation. Some sisters recently testified to the fact that it helped them in easy labor just by soaking it in water for some time prior to child birth. From my own perspective I see it as a miracle of the Almighty. And Verily Allah knows best

      • Where can this flower or plant be found or sold in western town of Nigeria, precisely ibadan.

        • You can get it mainly in central mosque I got mine at Abujas central mosque for 500naira . The Hausa traders called it Hannu.

        • Hi as Salam mala kum I have been married 4 years back my wife delivered 2 babies but that 2 babies also died because of no hear beat and no more it hot shrink doctor told to do obortion we did no we r trying a child it's Allah wish when do we have I request you to please give me any one Mariam booti if you u have I will return to you when my wife delivers request you please help me with that flower so than with Allah concern request you to do please do need ful can someone give me flower do that even I can have my family thank you... Jazakalla khair..

  4. Salaam.....can you tell me is that Maryam booti available in London.......please if u can provide me information about any location i'll be very thankful to you........

    • yes you can find it in Arab shops on Edgware road or ethiopian and somalian shop . its called huurbar in arabic.

      • Salaam....Thank you Very Much Zeena i m very Glad that u Helped me out.......Allah Bless You.......

        • Brother most of the people i no who use it in the later stage of pregnancy to help with delivery and say it worked for them i myself found the taste to strong and did not like it at all and it comes out of your pour's as well husband nose peg's needed 🙂 , and i no a few women who have been told to drink it to help them get pregnant, Allah hu yalam

  5. Never heard of this flower opening in a jug of water and the baby bring born as the flower open's that sound's strange, what iam talking about is a dry plant that you put in water and leave for a few hours and drink a week before your due date till you go into labour, friends of mine who use it every birth swear by it and say the baby slip's out with minimum pain.

    • assalamoalaikum to all,
      surely islam is the solution for humanity. There are many examples in which patients were declared not cureable by doctors but surprisingly got cured by medical tips by last and final prophet of Allah. I would like to recommend all to at least go thru " sahih bukhari book of medicine".
      Fee amanillah

    • Its true......doctors final operation for my sister n they are in labour room. Docs are busy in operation sis just sip this water n she deliver normal with low are shucked.....that the mouth of womb opens n she deliver baby girl......Alhumdullilah.....
      Bleave on Allah n he makes easy ways for you.....
      I just say one thing that Maryam booti is a herb but it is also have a benefits a lot if believe....

      • Hey maryam...good to hear about ur sister miracle u plz guide me how to use dis booti... I have it but donot know how to consume...following are my queries if u cn answer plz..
        Should it be clean frst before soaking in water
        Should be soaked in warm or cold water?
        Soak for how long?
        How mny sips to be taken?
        Please help asap

    • Hey zeena
      I want to know about its detail of use. Should it b frst clean with water n dn to be placed in jug or bowl...placed in warm or cold water?soak for how mny hours?nd to drink it at which tym,in labor pain or before due date?

  6. Dear

    I would like to know method of eating this for pregnancy....

  7. Dear plz mujhe maryam booti ka tareeka istamal bata do

  8. My mother has a maryam booti, or a Mariyam Flower as we call it. my sister inlaw was in labour and had the water that the flower was soaked in. i found it fascinating how as time went by, the flower gave out a light hazel color fluid and the water became that soft hazel color. now i had my twins through c-section but my sister inlaw was adamant that no matter what or how long it might take, she will only have her baby delivered in the normal way. and she was in labour for more than 24 hrs. and had been drinking water too. she did say during the child birth it was bearable and it went very very smooth. this flower has been with my mother for more than 30 yrs and before that it had been used by one of my mother's aunts!!! i believe about the mariyam flower to bits. and yes, u need to drink that water not just soak it!

  9. Asalamu alaikum how to use?

  10. when my wife was about to deliver her first child, and was in hospital, my mother in law put this boti in water and placed it near her. days were passing and there was no labor pain so doctors decided to operate her. they took my permission too. when nurse came to take my wife in operation theater, this boti started to expand. seeing this my mother in law resisted and stopped doctors. and soon wife delivered our child normally.

    for us, this boti helped my wife in going through operation and she had a normal delivery.

  11. the water in which the plant is. in, is ingested and suppose to ease labour. our family were strong believers in this. and is still very commom in south africa. i have experienced that this dry plant actually flowers when the baby is ready to come out. Not explainable, but some miracles of Allah's creations are unexplainable.

    for years people questioned whether praying of water changes the quality and healing ability of it. Now there are scientificbooks, dvds etc which show that the actual molecular structure of water change and that zamzam has the most beautiful structure.

    with regard to ingesting something in order for it to heal, i feel this is not a necessity. otherwise how do we explain aromatherapy, certain flowers fragrances, certain gasses that merely are around us but affect the body. maybe the flower gives off a scent that soothes the mum etc?

    not saying it is islamic...i am just saying if something is a natural creation of Allah let us be more open minded. as some mysteries are only revealed when the time is right.

    Attending. a 'attibu nabawi' seminar. i remember the lecturer saying something profound:

    Wa Allahu ' Alam
    And Allah Knows BEST

  12. Salam to all! 🙂
    Its true this plant has miraculous qualities. My mom got it from my grandmother and she put it in water when pains started. my younger brother born within 10-15 minutes. It was the first time my mom took it. She said before my younger brother, in case of me, she had to go under labour of 27 hours.
    My younger brother is 12 years younger than me. And, Maryam Booti is a sign of God for all Human Beings. To God we belong. To God we all will return and only God controls all this.
    I believe Maryam Booti is just a mean of Blessings of God and its one of signs of God.

    LOVE and BLESSINGS.!!!

  13. Salam alaikum.
    I also used this for my baby's delivery. And mashaAllah I had d easiest delivery. I didn't push even once. D baby just slipped out. Alhamdulillah Allah b praised. I ll also recommend this for all pregnant women at child birth. And I also believe if it unislamic, it won't b sold at d fields of battle if uhud in madina. Just my tots.

  14. Is there any possibility of getting this flower in Bangkok or any other province in Thailand? Can this flower be delivered by post? If there is anyone who can post it to Thailand from abroad, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

  15. Hi can anyone tell me if the pregnant women is supposed to drink the water or just soak the maryam booti in the water and leave it?

    • There are two different ones. One is called Maryam booti, used for delivery. It blossoms when the cervix is dilated and when the woman drinks water from that plant, the baby comes out quickly. The other is called Nabi booti, used for those who find it difficult to conceive. It contains minerals and vitamins for the development of the baby.

  16. Dear All Assalamu Alaikkum

    Any one know this mariam booti or mariam flower where wil get from Dubai
    if know kindly inform me please


  17. I used this in both deliveries and it worked. My mother soaked it when i was getting admitted in hospital and brought some of its water for me. Alhamdulillah i had easy deliveries. I dint know they were reuseable so i threw them. Since i stay in Jeddah i Hope i can find them again

  18. Can anybody tell me, if any little branch of Maryam flower is broken then will it work for reducing birth pain of a women? Can any women use it more than one time?

  19. Salaams

    Can anybody advise me if you can take this booti to fall pregnant with, as I have given the booti and told to eat a bud each day off the booti and Inshaa Allah it will aid in me falling pregnant.

  20. Assalamu Allaikum,

    First of all, there are two kinds. One is called Maryam booti, it's used during delivery. Once the mother's water is broken, you can place it in a bowl full of water and watch the flower blossom. This indicates how far the mother's cervix has dilated. She can then sip the water to speed up the process. The other is called Nabi booti. It helps women to conceive. It also has many natural vitamins/minerals to benefit the mother and future child. Some people grind Nabi Booti and others like myself would boil it in a pan and leave it cool down. Then you dispose all the bits left in the pan. (To dispose, you must bury it under soil as it came from a Mubarak place). After a while, place the water in a jug and leave it stored in a refrigerator. You can drink it through out the day. It tastes bitter but very beneficial for you.

    It is mentioned in the Hadith that Hazrat Maryam wiped her forehead with the leaves of Maryam booti during Her delivery. And a woman couldn't concieve during prophet Mohammed's time so she was told to drink Nabi Booti to help Her concieve. After a while she was blessed with a child. Allahu Alam.

  21. Chemical properties of the medicinal herb Kaff Maryam (

    Anastatica hierochuntica

    L.) and its relation to folk medicine use

    Ihsanullah DAUR

    Department of Arid Land Agriculture, Faculty of Meteorology, Environment and Arid Land Agriculture, King Abdulaziz University, P. O. Box 80208, Jeddah: 21589, Saudi Arabia. E-mail: . Tel: +966-2-6400000. Fax: +966-2-6952364.

    Accepted 9 May, 2012

    Kaff Maryam (

    Anastatica hierochuntica

    L.) is believed to be very useful in Arab countries for treating various health disorders. The present research highlights the chemical composition and properties of

    A. hierochuntica

    L. that may be related to its beneficial effect. Eight minerals (Mg, Ca, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Cu, and Zn), the total phenolic content, antioxidant activity, and free radical-scavenging activity were examined in the leaf buds, stem biomass, and root biomass of Kaff Maryam. The plant was found to be a rich source of Mg, Ca, Mn, and phenolic compounds, and had potential antioxidant and free radical-scavenging activities. The findings of the study indicated that the chemical properties of the plant may rationalize its use for the treatment of menstrual cramps, asthma, depression, headache, fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, and infertility problems, and to ease childbirth, as it is used in traditional medicine. Our findings will encourage herbalists to incorporate

    A. hierochuntica

    L. in the treatment of various disorders, and this herb could be

    proved useful in the food industry. Key words:

    Kaff Maryam (

    Anastatica hierochuntica

    L.), minerals, phenolic compounds, antioxidant activity, free radical-scavenging activity, traditional herbal medicine.

  22. Can u tell me how this Maryam flower work if I want to get pregnant

    • A.A...can u tell me this marym booti work in pregnancy. I want to get for pragnency plz tel
      Me the procedure. K kasy use krty hn k baby concive ho plz help

  23. How to used maryam boti ... reply me plz

  24. How to use it

  25. I leave in india bangalore can anybody help me to get mariam booti it's my 9th month of pregnancy I am ready to pay shipping and what ever of its hadya

  26. I need mariam booti where can I get in india

  27. Maryam booti has a scientictic medical use. It works as an pain killer and also soften your Cervex bone. Thus helps in delivery . It has many properties.. and it is helpfull..

  28. How to use Mariam Booti:

    Simply place the dry flower in a bowl or big glass of water when admitted in hospital for delivery. Leave the flower in bowl until the baby is born. Some people can drink it’s water too. Just by having the plant in water in the labor room, it has helped everyone that I know, including my wife. After baby is born, take out the flower from water and leave it in open space to dry. In few hours it will shrink back to its original size.

    My mom told me, Mariam Booti is the flower of a plant what bibi Mariam grabbed when she was having labor pain, so Allah put shifa in this procedure for anyone who use it.

    To those who don’t believe in Allah’s miracles like this, I’d suggest use it anyways. It’s not a sin to use it , even if you don’t believe it and there is a chance that it’ll help to ease the pain, it’s well worth it.

    Salamun Alaikum

  29. The birthing mama also consumes the water during labour that the plant is soaking in. Allah knows best.

  30. Where i will get maryam ka phool in saudi arabia

  31. Asalamu Alikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatu, the Mariyum booti is not only soaked but the pregnant lady also tends to drink the water which it is soaked in as well to easy delivery. My wife has tried and tested is before and it works very well by the grace of Allah SWT. May Allah SWT guide us all and keep us all away from any evil. Ameen

  32. It works but you need to drink the wife have four children and all her delivery when smoothly. Just leave in bowl of water for 3 minutes than drink the water. ALLAH knows everything

  33. Assalamu alaiykum. I have heard it works infact i used it for both my labour times. And not was the maryam flower soaked in water for a period of time but i was told to drink the water once the flower grew to an extent. Im really unsure about how it works but i did feel as if it speeded up my labour after i drank the water. And one more thing is that i was told the faster the maryam flower grows in the water will tell you how fast or slow your labour might be. So only Allah swt knows. My grandmother was a midwife her whole life back in the days and she passed all these advice to my mother, agian Allah swt knows best.

  34. I was in labour for 4 days for my first pregnancy after been induced twice still wasn't dilated and my mother in law had this mariyam booti she soaked it in water and gave me that water to drink and after that I dilated really quickly like in 4 or 5 hours from 3 to 10 cm but I was squatting and walking at the same time too. So I don't know was it because of been induced or mariyam booti that I dilated really quickly. ALLAH knows best.

    I'm pregnant again and due in 7 days and this time don't want to get induced so I have soaked that booti in water already and gonna try if it works.

  35. We also have a maryam booti in our home, my aunt took it when she came from haj. We use this whenever any woman in our relation go through delivery.
    But my mother and me myself don't understand its logic and i was finding the proof of it. As i read above you also dont have any proof about it. I dont know its real or a myth. Allah knows the best.


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