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I don’t pray or read Quran… please help

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How to become a better Muslim.

Hello, I want to ask how I can save myself because lately i have come to realize something HORRIBLE !

I know the consequences of not praying and reading the Quran and how if you don't pray or read you would burn in hell and be there for eternity which is FOREVER AND EVER. btw I dont know how to pray that much and I'm at the beginning- ish of the Quran although I was born a Muslim, ย but I just cant pray and read the Quran. I try and try by promising myself to start praying but I just don't do it. :'(

I go on sites which tell me all about the hell fire and how it is millions of times hotter then the fire here on earth but I still dont pray or read the Quran. I always thought that if you don't do these things that Allah had told you to do something horrible will happen and that life would not go your way but nothing bad has happened to me yet Alhamdulillah but I feel it coming :'(

I see all of these bad thing happening to my friends (have a feeling it's because they're not religious) but I dont want it to happen to me so can someone please help. I have this big test coming up and I really want to pass but I have a feeling it won't happen because why should it? I don't deserve it. I don't obey Allah and don't pray to him. I don't read his words and follow what our messengers said. I really want to pass. But I just don't want it because of that I want to go into heaven and have an easy life.

And also I keep having arguments with people but I want to stop. Every time that someone says something rude to me I want to ask Allah to forgive him/her not just curse them and wish them to die.

So if someone can please tell me what to do and please don't tell me to do big things all at once because I know I will not do it . I want someone to tell me to do things step by step so I won't get lost and feel exhausted and just give up. so thank you so much if you can give me some advice ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Assalamu'alaikum,

    Alhamdulillah. Your intention to learn reading qur'an and pray is a very good sign.
    Insya Allah, that shows that there is iman inside you. Something which is really important to have inside each muslim.

    To learn Islam and practice it, need sabr. The same as you will learn to pray and reading qur'an.

    Here some trick and advises that may be easy to applicate it for you.

    Learn Praying:
    - There are some praying video to guide you how to pray and wudhu.
    I suggest you to find a video with hadeeth of praying/wudhu performances inside.
    - Write the dua for praying on the paper, put it in front of you while you praying.
    (So you can read it while you praying. Do it all the time, untill you remember it in your head).

    Learn Qur'an:
    - You can go to your nearest mosque to ask if they provide a qur'an lesson (and join it).
    - Untill you can read qur'an, I suggest you to buy a qur'an with translation, tafseer, and azbabul nuzul inside it and read it.


    May Allah make it easy for you ๐Ÿ˜‰ Aamiin

  2. asalamualaikum
    alhamduliAllah even writing that you want to do good and be a good muslim is a major thing so congratulations.
    you know am also a born muslim but since i lived outside(in a non-muslim country) almost 16 years i also didnt pray... i would fast but that was it. but now alhamduliAllah i pray all the 5 prayers..even on time! which was a major thing for me... anyways what am trying to say is i was just like you but now alhamduli allah i pray,read quraan.....
    ok why am i telling you about this, well it means if 'I' can do it then u can definetly (inshaaALlah) do it ๐Ÿ™‚
    this is what i did and i hope it helps you in some way:

    1 i would read about the rewards i would get in the dunya and akhira (in this life and in heaven) instead of the punishments i would get--targheeb and not tarheeb

    2 i would say i will start to pray now not 'i will start tomorrow' and just get up and do it!! it will be hard in the begining.

    3 always say ' i seek refuge from saitan' --a'uthu biAllah mina alshaitaan alrajeem... since saitan will always give you excuses to not pray. keep saying that before you want to pray ๐Ÿ™‚

    4 so when it is time to pray (if there is no mosque thats calls for prayers then i recomend u download an athan app Izikir is free i think) people may think it is hard to pray or continue praying the 5 but it is actually very easy IF YOU PRAY ON TIME u might think that is hard but it is quite the opposite. think about it would u rather say oh no i have to pray duhr and asir together...or oops i forgot to pray or just chill have a clear mind that u prayed on time n now you have time to think and do other things (halal stuff ofcorse)

    5 i recommend you find friends-atleast one- that is also muslim so you two can incourage each other this is very helpful -trust me ๐Ÿ™‚

    i cant think of anything right now but these were the big points that helped me pray and never stop.

    as to how to pray well, aiysha said good points u should search on the internet since u can find anything on the net..i know this website that is so cute its called there are so many websites that teach you the basics to how to pray, go to the library and get books since u dont mind reading ๐Ÿ™‚ if you have a question u can go to

    okay you also said you keep having bad thoughts about people and stuff, there is a sentence you can say when people do you wrong and you want justice its: hasbiya Allah wa ni'ma alwakeal
    but this sentence is really powerful so if you did wrong Allah will punish you but if the other person did wrong then vise versa.... its better to say it than keep wishing for someone to get hurt or die.. let me give you an example: i got an Ipod long time ago and i was so happy but that didnt last because we had a family reunion and as the guests left, the ipod left with them!! i didnt know there was a theif in the family ๐Ÿ™ i was disapointed but we kindof knew who it is, i didnt tell, i cried but years later ๐Ÿ˜› when i learnt the powerful sentence i thought of that day and the person and i said the sentence and after a few days that person went out and lost his two new phones and an ipod...i kinda felt bad but oh did i mention that a phone got stolen too...
    if you are afraid you might start a quarell with someone then read surat alkawthar and the last three suras and keep saying i seek refuge from saitan

    ok lets see when u want to read quraan, start with the small ones so when u pray, you use those.
    keep memorising the small sura first cz u are a beginner ๐Ÿ™‚ (dont worry we were all there ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    when i was young i would just memorise to use them in prayers but as i got better in arabic and all i started reading the meaning and reason for nzuul al dont worr just pray now that is the most important thing ๐Ÿ™‚ in the meant time while cleaning the room or excersising, listen to recitation of quraan.
    did you know that reading and memorising the quraan helps you improve your memory so that might help with your exams

    speaking of which (am so sorry i keep witing a lot :S )
    when i was younger until now actually i would keep wishing for things and some come true, i was so suprised i would say the same thing you would i would ask why would allah grant me wishes if am not even praying but now alhamuduli Allah i kinda know why ๐Ÿ™‚ so keep wishing because Allah loves those peole who wish aloooot ๐Ÿ™‚
    something that you might like, my aunt used to tell me that Allah would reward you even more because you dont know how to pray or read the quraan but you are trying.

    i really hope this loooong tip hehehe helped and i have soo much to say but i cant write everything ๐Ÿ˜› so again i hope this helps. and inshallah you pass your exam.. dont be negative about it too much --tafa'al bilkhair tajiduh /ุชูุงุกู„ ุจุงู„ุฎูŠุฑ ุชุฌุฏูˆู‡ .

  3. As-salamu alaykum Rayan,

    I think that you are sufficiently motivated to learn Islam, learn Quran and pray. What you need to do now is develop the habit of doing it. Prayer is a habit. When you become regular with it, you get used to it and it feels easy, and it builds an inner awareness that keeps you going.

    So, how to build the habit? Be around those who have it. If you have the Jama'at at-Tableegh in your area I suggest going with them for a while, even if only a week. In any case seek out good Muslim friends who pray. Get in the habit of going to the masjid and try to make friends there. Insha'Allah their good habits will rub off on you and you will find yourself praying and reading Quran regularly.

    Now, here are my Ten Ideas for Establishing Prayer:

    1. Make dua' to Allah to make you strong on the path of Islam.

    2. Commit yourself to praying at least one prayer only - for example Isha' - every day for a month. Then try to add to it.

    3. Be consistent. Do your prayer at the start time every day.

    4. Associate yourself as much as possible with people who pray, and with the masjid.

    5. Carry a musalla with you, or at least a handkerchief that you can put on the ground for your forehead. Maybe carry a bottle of water for wudu'.

    6. Use the word "but" to get around your excuses. "I'm not in the mood, but I'll do it anyway." "I'm not a good Muslim, but I can improve step by step." Etc.

    7. Visualization. Several times a day, take a moment to visualize yourself making wudu', praying well, connecting with Allah, and feeling good about it.

    8. Make a resolution to pray and write it down on paper.

    9. Don't focus too much on the negative consequences of not praying. Instead, focus on the positive consequences of doing your salat: a content heart, being close to Allah, receiving blessings, feeling good about yourself, getting forgiveness for sins.

    10. Expect to fail sometimes. If you miss a prayer, don't give up and don't condemn yourself. Think of it as a one step back, two steps forward process. Ask Allah's forgiveness and continue on the path.

    Wael Editor

  4. assalamalaikum,

    Here is the same advice I posted on a similar thread.

    Please follow my advice here, and please see what an amazing change you will feel.

    There is a series on Youtube on Sheykh Battawi, who washes dead bodies in Saudi Arabia, His videos are a sincere account and description of the dead people he has washed, and the changes that he has seen on their bodies. After seeing the most blessed or terrifying signs on a dead body, he asks to the family how did that person use to live. You will see what believing in ALLAH SWT or not believing (following) in him can show on a person's deathbed.
    Seeing terrifying signs doesn't mean that the person will burn in hell, or seeing good signs doesn't mean that a person will be in Paradise. Only HIM SWT knows.
    We have to fight our nafs, which is sadly so influenced and oriented with Satan.
    Be willing to get out of that state of "ungratefulness" (forgive me, it is not personal as I consider myself 10,000 times guiltier of this than you). Death can knock at any second of the day, and all you will want to do is come back on Earth to do good deeds. Wake up before you are forced to wake up by death.
    Wallahi, all this advice is foremost for my self.
    Check Sheykh Battawi's videos. I was drowning in a haze of complains, depression, ungratefulness, and they did shake me to the core. I have no doubt they will wake you up.
    You can start with this link

    Please watch this, and all the videos on the same topic

    May ALLAH assist all of us

  5. And also I keep having arguments with people but I want to stop. Every time that someone says something rude to me I want to ask Allah to forgive him/her not just curse them and wish them to die.

    What is the reason for your arguments? Do you want to win "arguments"? How winning arguments make you feel better?

    You don't like it when people are rude to you, so best thing is not to be rude to them. Just smile and be nice to people who are rude to you.

    • I have the Same Problem,I'm only 11 and I don't know how to pray and
      I don't read Quran either..

      Inshallah,I will definitely learn how to pray and I will definitely Start Reading Quran Inshallah...

      I Hope so...

  6. AssalamoAlaikom, i was exactly like u, then i started observing universe and my self and what i found: we are only given one day life rest of days are just extensions, when we sleep our soul is taken out by Allah, it gives the hissab of all day to him,that's what i believe.

    1. think u have life of only one day, and every breath u take in is given by him as a chance to u to get rid of hell's fire by doing good deeds, so do every thing u think good.

    2. whenever eat or drink anything always think about hell's food and say Alhumdollilah that Allah is giving u a food much much better than hells food.---- to u it will be a way and short cut to keep hell remembered and think that only way to get rid of hell fire is to do good deeds---- top of which is Prayers--- which register u as a believer in Allah's register. and believe it that without saying prayers u are not a believer at all in Allah's register.

    3. whenever u need help always think that no body can help u except Allah, so always ask help from him in dua. and whenever u get lazy in saying prayers or any good work think that Allah is seeing u, present day is the only chance u have and then think that he has promised to punish those who will disobey him in hell's fire that is mentioned in Quran.

    hope this will help u because it has helped me very much. as for negative thought, think that u have life of only one day and this one day is too short for collecting good deeds so thinking about others will only waste your time and the effort to get rid of hell which u have done so far in the form of good deeds and prayers+ think that u already have an enemy--- shaitan so no need of an addition. hope this will help InshaAllah.

    • as for negative thought, think that u have life of only one day and this one day is too short

      Maa shaa Allah, your advice is helpful for all.

  7. salam
    i dont know how to read quran someone told me that u can complete quran by reciting bismillah on each word of quran if u cant read that arbic word so read bismillah on each word and like this we can complete quran is this true ? and plz tell me how to complete quran how manyy parh i have to complete thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • No, I never heard of such a thing. If you can't read Arabic then recite what you know. You can also read the translation in your language. And perhaps you can take a class to learn to read Quran.

      Wael Editor

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