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Dream about him in Istikharah but still in forbidden love

mercy nikah

Salam, I'm a Malaysian girl and I have met him which is a Palestinian guy when we are studying together in the same university. Before I started the relationship with him, I did my Istikharah several times, and I have dreamed about him twice. But now we need to be separated because of his parents. He is a Palestinian guy and I am a Malaysian girl and his parents did not agree on our relationship because I am from different country. His father doesn't want someone from another country to live together with him and don't want him to be far from him. He will take his Master and PhD here in Malaysia, which will take 7 years to finish. But his father still not agree on him to marry someone from outside his country and want him to return back to his country after finish his PhD. His father is so strict which make us lose hope. Please help me on this matter because I really don't know what I should do.


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  1. Well sister,

    relationships other than those ordained halal in Islam are technically you cannot do Istikhara for these.
    if you have done so, and you see the guys father rejecting your relationship...thats probably the answer to your istikhara.

    further, why dont you involve your parents?
    Stop meeting the guy, but tell your parents and tell him to force his parents to listen to his choice.
    if he is serious enough about you...there is a good chance he will be able to convince his parents.

    good luck.

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